Cervitec Plus

The protective varnish containing chlorhexidine and thymol for an effective germ control[1].

The caries risk rises if the number of mutans streptococci increases significantly in the mouth. In these cases, routine oral hygiene measures, professional tooth cleaning and fluoridation do not adequately protect the teeth from damage.

The Cervitec Plus varnish system, which contains the effective combination of the active ingredients chlorhexidine and thymol, allows you to selectively control these germs and therefore reduce an important caries risk factor and helps to control gingivitis[1, 2].

Intended purpose

  • Protection of teeth
  • Generally, Cervitec Plus is applied every three months. If intensive treatment is required, however, the varnish may also be applied more frequently.


  • Exposed root surfaces
  • Hypersensitive cervicals
  • Bacterial activity on the tooth surface


  • Effective germ control[1]
  • 1% chlorhexidine and 1% thymol in a homogenous solution
  • Lowers the number of bacteria on high-quality restorations
  • Desensitization of susceptible and hypersensitive cervicals[3]

Benefits for the practice team

  • Enhanced moisture tolerance for an easy application[4]
  • Excellent protection for at-risk areas with optimum flow and wetting behaviour
  • Colourless, transparent clear varnish for optimum esthetics in the anterior region
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