“Hey! Stop, the winner has to clean up!”, Alex calls after his sister as she leaves the surgery humming a gleeful tune. Her triumphant “I told you so, I told you so, I told you so” gets fainter as she disappears down the hall. Alex looks at the “test setup” in front of him. Tina had made a bet with him that by using the Adhese Universal VivaPen she would not only be faster than him using a bottle, but also more efficient. He had tried to explain to her that manufacturers make all kinds of claims and promises, which are not true, in order to sell their products. However, Tina did not allow herself to be deterred: She went ahead and “treated” a number of artificial teeth showing cavities of various sizes in a friendly show of sibling rivalry. Alex smiles, while he cleans up the remains of the test setup. Despite having to concede the win to his sister, he would also be a winner if her findings would enhance the efficiency of their joint practice and enable them to prevent the wastage of adhesive.
Sustainability is more than a buzzword

Because your routine workload is already heavy enough, Ivoclar offers you solutions that are designed to help streamline your workflows and save time, materials and money. In this context, sustainability is more than a buzzword. It is a guiding principle for running your practice as an economically viable business. The Adhese Universal VivaPen is a case in point.

What can Adhese Universal do?

Adhese Universal is a light-cured single-component adhesive for bonding direct and indirect restorations. It can be used in combination with light, self and dual-cure composite materials, and it is compatible with all etching protocols.[1] One adhesive for complete flexibility. 

What can the VivaPen do?

The VivaPen is a unique delivery system which is designed to enhance efficiency: in line with the saying that time is money. The user-friendly VivaPen allows you to apply the adhesive directly in the patient's mouth: click and apply. It’s easy. The innovative VivaPen features a smart “click” mechanism, which dispenses the adhesive in just the right amount.

The VivaPen sustainability principle

The VivaPen is synonymous with optimum material usage:

  1. Since the adhesive is applied in the mouth, it does not have to be pre-dispensed into a mixing well. This saves time and adhesive.[3]

  2. The VivaPen’s built-in locking mechanism and precision dispensing mechanism both prevent adhesive from being wasted due to the formation of deposits in the cap, drops running down the bottle and evaporation.[2] These features also enable the pen to be emptied more effectively. Up to 30 times more unused adhesive is discarded in conventional bottles.[2]

  3. Because the adhesive can be exactly dispensed with the VivaPen, you can carry out an average of almost four times more applications per ml of contents.[3]

Fact: One VivaPen contains enough adhesive for 187 single-tooth applications.[3] In this context, the VivaPen beats comparable products by far. If you are still doubtful, we invite you to try it out for yourself.