Many dental labs are looking into CAD/CAM technology. Technicians are trying to figure out how to tackle the digital future. Selecting a milling machine that is right for their lab plays a crucial part. Not every machine is suitable for every lab. Every requirement necessitates an appropriate solution. Find out here what options the PrograMill portfolio offers.

Digitization demands individual solutions

In the age of digitization, process-based solutions designed to meet the individual needs and requirements of the lab are becoming increasingly important. This requires a comprehensive CAD/CAM portfolio consisting of materials, milling equipment and services, in which all the components of the digital manufacturing process are optimally coordinated with each other.

Highly esthetic restorations produced using a digital process

Ivoclar Vivadent introduced a total of three new milling machines under the name of PrograMill. These units combine the requirements of modern dental technology with innovative materials and coordinated processes. The portfolio offers an appropriate milling unit for every target group. Below we introduce you to all the units in detail.

PrograMill PM7 is the flagship unit capable of processing a variety of materials in both wet and dry processing. The unit is suitable for a wide range of indications. The 5-axis machining process is controlled via the integrated PC with touch-screen monitor. The good cooperation of material and tool changer allows independent and consistent production. The central management of the discs and blocks in the material changer and the tools in the magazine ensure that the right individual processing strategy is used every time. The integrated ionisor minimizes the cleaning effort when milling PMMA materials. The PrograMill PM7 offers you a future-proof solution for the production of dental restorations. The extremely fast and powerful machine produces restorations on an industrial scale. It is especially suitable for large dental labs and milling centres.

The PrograMill PM3 and PM5 units are designed for medium-sized labs. They are suitable for both wet and dry processing. Both are suitable for a wide range of materials and indications. In contrast to the PrograMill PM3, the PrograMill PM5 has an integrated 8-way material changer. This enables the unit to process several production orders with different materials and indications. Individual milling strategies enable short processing times for the given restorations. PrograMill PM5 meets the increased demand for automation in mid-sized laboratories whereas PrograMill PM3 is the solution for smaller labs.

Intuitive control thanks to the innovative operation concept

The PrograMill milling machines are controlled via an intelligent and intuitive user interface. PrograMill PM3, PM5 and PM7 feature a high-resolution 10.1-inch touch screen. The graphical user interface makes it easy to interact directly with the milling machine, similar to interacting with a smartphone.

Conclusion: A suitable solution for every requirement

The three newly developed PrograMill milling machines meet the requirement of dental technicians for system solutions that meet the specific needs of their laboratory. These units give users easy access to efficient manufacturing processes and industrial manufacturing quality.