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VivaScan is a compact and intuitive intraoral scanner for your practice. Due to its standalone design, this user-friendly device can be easily and effortlessly integrated into your practice to make it more efficient. VivaScan is the ideal solution for your entry into the world of digital dentistry.

New: Caries Detection Tip
The special new tip for VivaScan helps to identify carious lesions. Transillumination allows light to shine through the teeth of patients without having to use X-rays. It helps practitioners to detect enamel cracks and poorly visible carious lesions at an early stage, especially those in the proximal area of a tooth. Therefore, this attachment is an essential tool for monitoring the dental health of patients.

Software version 2.1 or higher
The availability may vary from country to country.

Why use VivaScan?

High-precision digital impressioning[1]

Innovative 3D scanning technology is responsible for producing high-precision digital impressions. As a result, you can offer your patients well-fitting dental restorations that will make them smile.

Intuitive Scan&Send software without any additional fees

The VivaScan software is intuitive and user-friendly and therefore easy to learn. The process is fast and simple and the captured data is sent directly to your dental laboratory.

Lightweight, ergonomic design

VivaScan is a compact intraoral scanner that weighs only 230 g. Its ergonomic design makes scanning an effortless task and offers a flexible scanning experience

Plug & Play for a quick start

VivaScan simply has to be connected to a laptop for it to work. Once the software starts up, you can scan immediately, without first having to enter any patient details.

Enhanced comfort for patients and improved communication

VivaScan comes with scan tips in two different sizes. This allows you to decide, which tip is the most suitable for the given patient, so that their scanning appointment will be as comfortable as possible. The digital images allow you to communicate more clearly and effectively with your patients about their upcoming treatment.

Direct link to your dental laboratory

The Ivoclar Cloud allows you to streamline procedures and send your scans directly to the dental laboratory of your choice. The integrated file sharing solution transfers your data securely.

Customer Success Program
Your success is our #1 priority
Training is just the beginning of your VivaScan adoption experience. The Ivoclar Customer Success Program is a commitment to turn your learning curve into a confidence curve.

• 1-month of proactive clinical support and guidance led by Ms. Angela Severance – national speaker, educator, and author with over 20 years of clinical experience specializing in digital dentistry.

• Weekly follow-up calls during your first month of ownership. We’ll help you work through any challenges and create solutions across you and your practice

“VivaScan has a remarkable customer support program. I think anytime you get ready to buy a piece of equipment you need to understand what it is going to be like to own that equipment. If there's a problem what for you do and we don't often think about that. Ivoclar has a phenomenal system where I know the person I'm going to talk to when I call and have a problem. I haven't had many problems but walking through the system even the training has been phenomenal.”

“Obviously digital is where dentistry is heading and Vivascan is a really user-friendly option for people looking to adopt digital into their practices.”

Watch how easy it is to take a digital impression with VivaScan

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Technical data
  • VivaScan intraoral scanning device
  • 1 VivaScan data cable
  • 2 autoclavable scanning tips (1x regular, 1x small)
  • 1 autoclavable tip for detecting carious lesions
  • 1 VivaScan colour calibration attachment
  • 1 VivaScan protective cover
  • 1 VivaScan holder
  • 1 USB flash drive
  • 1 VivaScan  laptop (latest model)
  • 1 Power cable / Laptop adapter
  • 1 cordless mouse
  • Built-in HD camera
  • True-colour scanning
  • Open data formats: STL, PLY, OBJ
  • Two-button control
  • Integrated Ivoclar Cloud solution

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