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Ivotion is the key to amazing efficiency.

Ivotion forms part of the Ivotion Denture System, offering an efficient monolithic solution for the digital production of patient-specific complete removable dentures.

Computer Precise Fit

The reason an Ivotion Digital Denture fits so well, is because the digital fabrication process eliminates some of the problems which can occur in traditional denture making procedures, such as material shrinkage and distortion.

Beautiful, Natural-Looking Esthetics

A major advantage of this new digital process is the enhanced esthetics that couldn’t be reached before.

Fewer Appointments

The process for making a conventional denture can take as many as six appointments or more. But due to advanced software and high-tech fabrication techniques we can deliver your new Ivotion Digital Denture in as little as three appointments, saving you time and scheduling hassles.

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A Permanent Digital Record

When an Ivotion Digital Denture is created, a permanent digital record is produced. So if something happens to your patients denture you can use that digital record to make a new Ivotion Digital Denture in just days, not weeks.

The Proof is in the Numbers

With over 300 labs and denturists across North America using Ivoclar Denture teeth and over 1000000+ dentures made, why not provide Ivotion in your Practice?

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“I feel confident with my new dentures because they fit great and feel like they are part of me”
An Ivoclar Digital Denture Patient
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The Ivotion Denture System provide you with several clinical workflow options. Customize to your time and schedule!


1st Appointment

2nd Appointment

3rd Appointment

4th Appointment

First impression

Preliminary bite registration

Determination of the occlusal plane

Functional impression

Vertical dimension


Determination of esthetic

Esthetic and functional Try-in

Final placement








See how Ivotion has changed these patients and dentists lives! 
Dr. Richard Wilson
“Since prescribing Ivotion, I have experienced fewer appointments and minimum post-op insertion adjustments. The precision fit of the tissue surface and occlusion is so good that I don’t see my patients again until their scheduled appointments! No more emergency visits for a sore spot! Ivotion gives me the satisfaction of knowing I’m giving my patients state of the art treatment. Nothing compares to the Ivotion Digital Denture solution.”
Watch Gerry's Story

She made history in 1978 as a member of the Milwaukee Does, playing in the first all-female professional basketball game against the Chicago Hustle in a new league called the Women’s Professional Basketball League (WBL).

When it came time to consider all the pros and cons of her restorative options, Gerry Lynn Booker and her clinician didn’t hesitate to choose a solution that was both definitive and esthetic.

“I feel confident with my new dentures because they fit great and feel like they are part of me”

“With the Ivotion Digital Denture system, I am able to use analog foundational principles within a seamless digital workflow and get predictable results. The Ivotion digital denture delivers on exceptional accuracy and fit with very minor adjustments, great esthetics and most importantly strength. I don‘t have to worry about teeth popping off or fracturing, especially on conversion implant supported cases during the osseointegration period. Overall, I encourage my colleagues to implement Ivotion into their denture treatments as the workflow is streamlined, efficient and has been a great experience for both me and my patients.“

Read Dr. Bedrossian and Gerry's Full Case Study Here.

“I dont even know that there dentures. I go about my business, I eat the foods I want to eat. Its fabulous"

"My practice has high esthetic expectations and Ivotion did not disappoint."