SR Vivodent S PE / S DCL

Exceptional prefabricated teeth in DCL quality
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A classic, newly interpreted

Inspired by nature, optimized for dental technicians. This is the guiding principle for our anterior and posterior tooth lines SR Vivodent S PE / S DCL.

Focus on performance

Close to the natural model
Inspired by nature and enhanced with
individual surface textures, these tooth
moulds provide uniquely vibrant and
esthetic results that will impress everyone.
Exceptional anterior tooth moulds, providing unique esthetic results
  • Varied selection of shapes and shades
  • Lifelike surface texture
  • Proportions true to nature
  • Individual layering
  • Physiological curvature
Functional features
  • Harmonious enamel covering on all sides, providing room for creativity when setting up teeth
  • Wide tooth neck to cover structural elements
  • Anatomical interdental closure for natural-looking white esthetics
Tooth mould design

The most common natural human tooth shapes can be broadly grouped into three basic categories:

Functional partners

The decision is yours: classic or lingualized occlusion. Select the posterior mould that matches your preferred occlusal principle.

Typ moulds for classic occlusion
  • Tooth-to-two-teeth setup
  • Central and buccal occlusal contacts
  • 4 Bleach, 16 A-D, 20 PE shades
  • Available in four sizes
Lingual moulds for lingualized occlusion
  • Can be set up either tooth-to-tooth or tooth-to-two-teeth
  • Lingualized occlusal contacts
  • 16 A–D and 4 Bleach shades
  • Available in three sizes

High-performance material, providing durability

Sophisticated chemistry

  • All layers consist of highly cross-linked DCL (double-cross linked) material
  • Both the polymer and the matrix are uniformly cross-linked

Strong but still flexible

  • Higher compressive strength than conventional PMMA
  • Flexibility similar to that of conventional PMMA material

Designed to ensure durability and inviduality

  • Sound bond to denture base material
  • Customizable with our SR Nexco lab composite

Compressive strength of denture tooth materials

Exceptional versatility due to 40 shades

An abundant selection of shades offers you exceptional versatility. Strong performance in complete and partial dentures and in combination with fixed dentures.

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