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Universal stains and glazes

IPS Ivocolor is a universal range of Stain and Glaze materials suitable for the individualized characterization, staining and glazing of press, CAD and layering ceramics from Ivoclar. The materials are designed to create true-to-nature restorations made of zirconium oxide or lithium disilicate, all-ceramics or metal-supported ceramics.[1]

Creating lifelike restorations[2]

Create the individuality you want with IPS Ivocolor. Design mamelons, halo effects or enamel cracks and achieve natural depth and incisal translucency. Patients desire lifelike[2] restorations.

IPS Ivocolor is suitable for characterizing and glazing both high- and low-fusing ceramic materials that fall within a CTE range between 9.5 and 16.6 x 10-6/K. You only need one assortment to customize and glaze your restorations. This allows you to work more effectively, improves your economic efficiency and helps you achieve restorations of a consistently high quality.

Your advantages with IPS Ivocolor

Versatility and efficiency in your lab
  • Coordinated selection of Shade, Stain and Essence materials[2]
  • For use on different ceramics[1] 
  • Enhanced effectiveness, increased economic efficiency and restorations of high quality  
Ideal material properties
  • Individual freedom in customizing restorations due to individually selected colour compositions
  • Streamlined handling due to an innovative paste formulation
  • High gloss obtainable at firing temperatures as low as 710 °C
  • Untainted gloss results – no grey or white discolouration
Suitable for use in conjunction with:
  • Both high- and low-fusing ceramic materials that fall within a CTE range between 9.5 and 16.6 x 10-6/K,
  • Zirconium oxides e.g. IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime,
  • Lithium disilicates e.g. IPS e.max Press, and
  • Metal ceramics e.g. IPS Style
Areas of application
  • Surface characterization of restorations
  • Adjusting the brightness of layering materials
  • Customization of cut-backs
  • Shade characterizations in the layering technique
  • Individually shaded gingiva
August Bruguera (Spain)
«For me IPS Ivocolor has two advantages. First, it is universal and can be used on any ceramic material from Ivoclar and second it is low- fusing, which means that all the pigments of the ceramic materials you have applied before remain precisely as they are.»

IPS Ivocolor Components

IPS Ivocolor Shades – for fast, easy and brilliant shade adaptations
  • 9 ideally coordinated IPS Ivocolor Shade Dentin materials providing high efficiency in the customization of restorations
  • 3 IPS Ivocolor Shade Incisal materials for natural looking incisal surfaces
  • Easy to use and homogeneous shade distribution due to a gel formulation
  • Especially suited for the customization of monolithic restorations
  • Varying levels of fluorescence, depending on the shade
IPS Ivocolor Essence – for effects, accentuations and adjustment of the brightness
  • Finely ground glass powders for homogeneous stains
  • With 23 powders to choose from, the Essence range offers a matching shade for every need
  • Versatile processing options due to the powder delivery form
  • Specially designed Essence Fluid for a paste-like consistency
  • Varying levels of fluorescence, depending on the shade
IPS Ivocolor Glaze – for reliable firing results with accurate shade reproduction
  • High gloss in a single firing process
  • Consistent gloss, independent of the ceramic substrate (e.g. cut-back)
  • No grey or white discolouration
  • Glazes with and without fluorescent effect
  • Available in a powder and paste delivery form
User videos

Individual characteristics, such as pronounced mamelons, calcium spots or cracks in the enamel, can be created quickly and easily. Create esthetic results, comparable to a layered ceramic build-up. Natural shade effects and light dynamic properties[2], together with a coordinated intensity and fluorescence, create the desired appearance of depth and polychromatic esthetics radiating from within the teeth. 

Creating lifelike restorations[2]

Individualization of monolithic restorations made of IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime.

Reducing surface tension

Easy technique for the comfortable application of shades.

Adjusting the shade and depth of pontics made of ZrO2

Bring colour and more dynamics to pontics in just one step.

In-depth effect and translucency

Imitate natural vitality.

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