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    Sagemax is one of the world’s leading dental manufacturers and suppliers of zirconia. Founded in 2006, the company is a rapidly growing provider of aesthetic zirconia products for leading dental CAD / CAM systems. The development of materials and production takes place in Federal Way, Washington. The Sagemax development team has over 15 years of experience in preparing and processing zirconia powders. This experience is reflected in the unique manufacturing and coloring process. The result is zirconia restorations with high esthetics.

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    NexxZr Plus NexxZr T Sagemax PMMA NexxZr Plus Multi NexxZr T Multi NexxZr Effect Liquid NexxZr S Sagemax Wax NexxZr Plus Liquid NexxZr T Liquid
    20mm 16mm 14mm 25mm 12mm 10mm 18mm 22mm WT W98 WT Z95 Wax WT D98
    Multi Super Translucent White Discs Blue
    W98 Z95 D98
    Coloring Liquids Zirkonzahn
    NexxZr Effect Liquid
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