Health, safety and environment

Our health and safety officers have the important responsibility of enforcing occupational health and safety guidelines in the workplace. They regularly offer training courses for our employees. Our focus is on prevention. The health and safety of our employees is the most important asset of our company. 

We are fully compliant

Our Health Safety Environment (HSE) system complies with the internationally recognized standards ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) and 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety). We effectively plan, manage and monitor all our operational HSE measures in accordance with these standards. In many areas, our efforts go beyond the fulfilment of the legal requirements. 

Our environmental management system at the company headquarters in Schaan (Liechtenstein) as well as at our production and logistics facilities in Italy, the US and the Philippines are currently certified by TÜV SÜD. We plan to have all our production and logistics operations certified according to this standard by 2022.

Our responsibility: environmental protection

Our environmental protection measures are making a significant contribution to the development of a sustainable society. We are concentrating our efforts on six key environmental indicators: materials usage, energy, water, land usage, emissions and waste. We are proud of the fact that our energy requirements have fallen over the past few years. Apart from relying on electricity for heating our buildings and running our development and manufacturing processes, we are using natural gas and district heating. We have considerably reduced our consumption of natural gas since commissioning our power plant in Schaan in 2018. This is yet another way in which we endeavour to minimize our carbon footprint.

The numbers speak for themselves: The following table provides a summary of the most important environmental performance figures at our headquarters in Schaan.


We are turning to renewable energy sources

Developing our usage of renewable energy sources is an important step on our journey to becoming a sustainable company. We are committed to improving our energy efficiency in all our building, renovation and refurbishment projects – not only at our headquarters in Schaan. We are steadily increasing our use of photovoltaics. The building which houses our day-care centre “Milchzähne” is a case in point. We intend to employ solar energy technology within the scope of all our construction and refurbishment projects at our company headquarters. We will also be making use of it at our new Global Distribution Center in the German town of Ellwangen.

Our goal: reduction of greenhouse gases

Our challenging objective is to reduce our emission of greenhouse gases to a sustainable level throughout our value-added chain. Our current greenhouse gas balance of 2019, which applies to all our production and logistics operations and our subsidiaries, fulfils our overall goal to date.

Eco-friendly packaging

For our product systems we strive to use packaging made from energy and resource-efficient materials that can be reused and recycled. We critically examine all our packaging on a regular basis in an effort to continuously develop new solutions.