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In celebrating 25 years of the BPS denture system Carl Fenwick, Professional Services Manager at Ivoclar UK & Ireland, discusses the evolution of dentures and their role in private dentistry today. 

From the first known set of dentures in 700 BC to the breakthrough of natural-looking dentures becoming available on the NHS in 1951 – the history of dentures continues to evolve as we consider developments such as Dr Abe’s suction technique, analogue to digital and even the increase in private demand.

As the UK’s oral health improves, people are living longer and retaining their dentition further into old age. When it comes to providing removable dentures as a viable treatment option within the dental practice, this presents three key factors.


ONE, servicing the demand.
Firstly, despite a decline in the number of edentulous patients, the need for complete dentures remains , especially as most recent figures show that 6% of the population are living without their natural teeth . With an increasing number of patients looking for more personalised and bespoke denture solutions, an opportunity for clinicians to service that demand by increasing their range of private denture options is growing. This has led to more clinicians seeking out new systems and workflows to help consistently meet their patients’ needs. Are you offering truly bespoke dentures as a treatment option for these patients to better their quality of life?

TWO, gaining the denture skillset.
Secondly, with a declining number of edentulous patients there is a notable reduction in the number of cases available to undergraduates for the teaching of removable dentures. Those who qualify and wish to continue to improve their skills and increase their confidence when providing dentures, can benefit from an easy to learn system with a proven workflow, it often provides the easiest and fastest way to become proficient when looking to upskill. Truly perfecting the correct techniques can be the difference between success and failure, especially important as we’ll continue to see more complex cases from the increasingly older generation. How will you enhance your denture training and skillset to manage the complex edentate population?

THREE, delivering more than dentures.
Thirdly, as dentistry emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, the dental profession has experienced an increase in demand from patients turning to private dentistry to access a wider range of treatments bespoke to their needs. Many patients are seeking out those who can provide high quality, comfortable, aesthetic and functional dentures. They’re educated in their options and are willing to invest in in order to improve their quality of life, often becoming the most positive voices in the community for your abilities and skills. Word of mouth is arguably the most successful advertisement after all! How skilled and equipped are you to meet the private denture demand to meet their needs?

An attractive denture market is emerging
With an increase in demand for private treatment, many dentists, CDTS and dental technicians alike are seeking ways to upskill to meet this demand with premium removable denture options. Investing in a proven, high-end system that offers complete confidence in unparalleled accuracy and complete predictability, could be the solution.

More than just a regular denture, the BPS (Bio-functional Prosthetic System) protocol is the product of a proven workflow and effective cooperation between dentists and dental technicians alike. It offers a systematic clinical and technical workflow of tried and tested techniques and is combined with the most innovative materials and equipment to create incredibly stable, functional, and highly aesthetic dentures. Plus, it’s supported by a UK and international education programme to help train the next generation of dentists, CDTs and technicians to be competent and confident in the system, for both analogue and digital approaches.

Upskill in removable dentures this October

This October 21st - 22nd, Ivoclar will be holding a 2-day ‘Masters of Removable Prosthetics’ event in Nottingham, dedicated to celebrating 25 years of denture innovation with the BPS denture system.

World renowned clinical and technical removable experts will unite for two days to commend the system.

Dr Fumiaki Yamazaki
Optimal success with suction effective mandibular complete denture (SEMCD) using digital technology

This lecture will introduce the application of SEMCD using digital technology through case study reports. 
Dr Frank Zimmerling
The BPS Clinical & Technical workflow
Dr Frank Zimmerling is the head of global BPS training in the Ivoclar headquarters, In this lecture Frank will show the correct workflow for achieving the most from BPS as well as sharing some of his tips and tricks to improve your results and help avoid some of the common problems faced in the clinic.
Mr Kenji Iwaki
Kenji will focus on patients with class 2 and class 3 occlusions, He will show several of his own actual patient cases and explain the points to look out for in order to fulfill the patients functional expectations and also achieve a satisfactory aesthetic result using the BPS workflow.
Professor Kenichi Matsuda
A Historical Overview of the Advantages of the BPS
Prof Matsuda will show the advantages of the BPS with a historical viewpoint, with a particular focus on the 'closed mouth' impression method - He will also cover the occlusal concept - What are the positive features about Ivoclar‘s artificial teeth and why the system has been adopted by Japanese Universities
Mr Paul McNally
The Evolution of BPS SEMCD: Our combined journey.

This joint lecture will see Paul McNally and Joszef Ratonyi explain their experiences, challenges and what drives them on as they carry out ongoing further development and fine tuning of the system for the most difficult of cases. They are delighted to be able to share their journey from being the trainees to becoming the trainers.
Mr Jozsef Ratonyi
The Evolution of BPS SEMCD: Our combined journey.

This joint lecture will see Paul McNally and Joszef Ratonyi explain their experiences, challenges and what drives them on as they carry out ongoing further development and fine tuning of the system for the most difficult of cases. They are delighted to be able to share their journey from being the trainees to becoming the trainers.
Mr Mattheus Boxhorn
Clinical & technical considerations to establish the fully individualised & customised prosthesis

Mattheus will explain exactly what clinical data is needed to give the laboratory all the information they need to create the most accurate and individualised prosthetics. Including the importance of how a sound understanding of the analogue approach will enhance your digital dentures.
Mr Germen Versteeg
Digital dentures learn the past, watch the present and create the future

 The presentation will show developments surrounding the digital prosthesis. Today the possibilities are endless, but the future will gives us more options, German will describe this journey enabling you to learn from the past and be prepared for the future.
Thomas Doblander
A clinical & technical approach to creating aesthetic and functional digital dentures for the edentulous patient.

Development of advanced hardware, software and materials are being increasingly adopted in the laboratory. Thomas will show how the Ivotion digital denture system allows you to use both analogue and digital approaches, resulting in accurate, functional and aesthetics dentures. 
Mr Robert Grünenfelder
Gnathomat, UTS and Stratos: Background information on the development of the BPS units
As the original project leader, Robert will tell the story of the development of the BPS system and its associated components. He will show the thinking behind the concepts for the system and just what led to the creation of one of the most successful and widely used denture systems available.

The immersive agenda will showcase some of the research and development which went into creating the system, whilst discussing its advancements including Dr Jiro Abe’s Suction denture (SEMCD), the Ivotion Digital Denture system, and even how one speaker helped introduce the BPS system into the Japanese dental curriculum.

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Professor Kenichi Matsuda, DDS, PhD explains, “After learning about it’s simple and easy-to-understand workflow for both dentists and technicians, I realised how useful the BPS protocol could be for education. I made it my mission to introduce the system into Japanese universities so that now the BPS name is widely recognised by the Japanese Society of Prosthodontics. I’m excited to share my experiences about delivering this education to the UK.”

Being able to provide premium denture solutions can set you apart from the competition when it comes to meeting private denture demand. Attending and networking at the ‘Masters of Removable Prosthetics’ BPS event this October, will enable you to learn more about the system, discover how to become a trained BPS denture clinician and even find a certified BPS laboratory to partner with when striving for complete accuracy and predictability in your denture offering.

To book your place on the Ivoclar ‘Masters of Removable Prosthetics’ 2-day event which celebrates 25 years of the BPS denture system in Nottingham this October click here. Tickets for the 2-day and evening event are available for £295+ vat per person. Hotel accommodation can also be booked for one night at £72+vat.