IPS e.max® Gel

Oral care gel containing chlorhexidine, fluoride,
D-panthenol and xylitol
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Effective care for
IPS e.max smiles

Are you looking for an oral care product that protects high-quality restorations and enhances their long-term durability?[1]
With its unique formula, our IPS e.max Gel preserves and protects restorations, enabling effective oral care both in the dental practice and at home.

Your advantages at a glance

Protection and care, all in one product

IPS e.max Gel nourishes and protects the remaining healthy tooth structure, gums and peri-implant tissue and contributes to the long-term durability of the restoration.[1]

Optimal distribution

Thanks to its smooth consistency, IPS e.max Gel can be distributed optimally on intricate surfaces, including implant-supported restorations.

Unique formula

IPS e.max contributes significantly to the long-term protection of natural teeth, crowns, bridges, implants and removable prosthetics, thanks to its distinctive blend of ingredients including chlorhexidine, fluoride, D-panthenol and xylitol. 

Precise application

With its fine nozzle, IPS e.max Gel can be accurately dispensed and applied onto the application aid, such as an interdental brush.[2]

Recommend IPS e.max Gel to your patients for effective oral care at home.
  • Easy aftercare at home
  • Can occasionally be used as toothpaste, due to a fluoride content of 900 ppm[1]
  • Suitable for cleaning interdental spaces
  • Clinically tested and recommended by dentists
  • Unlikely to cause tooth staining or changes in taste perception, even after several weeks of use[3]
  • Mild taste
Are you a dental technician?
Recommend IPS e.max Gel to your dentists with all IPS e.max restorations.
Optimizing your workflow with IPS e.max Gel

Find out more about a successful treatment workflow with IPS e.max Gel.

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