IvoBase Hybrid

For all removable dentures
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IvoBase Hybrid combines the qualitative advantages of a heat-curing polymer with the processing features of a self-curing polymer and thus creates a new catorgy of denture base resin. The PMMA-based material is processed in the IvoBase Injector.  
Complies with EN ISO 20795-1.


  • High accuracy of fit due to shrinkage compensation
  • Very low residual momoner content  of <1%  due to residual     monomer reduction (RMR)
  • Outstanding bond with resin teeth
  • High basal gloss
  • Predosed capsules
  • Polymerization time: only 35 minutes

Pink; Pink-V; Preference; Clear
With heightened opacity: Pink-V Implant; Preference Implant

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IvoBase shade guide
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