Mr Mattheus Boxhorn

Mattheus Boxhorn CDT, trained as a dental technician in Switzerland.
Initially working in a commercial laboratory as an all-round technician for 24 years, he then worked with the Prof. Gerber study group and for the Condylator-Service. There, he had the opportunity to work with the teacher & denturist Max Bosshart, which allowed him to improve his knowledge in the field of removable prosthetics.  He has worked in the US and at the University of Queensland in Australia as a lecturer for removable prosthetics. Since 2005, he has been working as the Senior Manager Global Education Technical for full dentures at the Ivoclar Academy in Liechtenstein. He is a Master Instructor of the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) and the DDP Digital Denture System. Additionally, he is also a qualified technical Instructor for Suction-Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures (SEMCD by Dr Jiro Abe). 
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Dr Frank Zimmerling

Dr Frank Zimmerling studied dental medicine in Würzburg, Germany.
His career started as an assistant dentist in a private practice, he then joined the University Dental Clinic in Bonn, Germany, as a resident in the departments of preclinical education and prosthodontics. In 2003, he established a dental practice in Cologne, Germany, and in the same year he received his doctorate in dentistry. He holds the position of Head of Removable Prosthetics Global Education at Ivoclar.  He lectures and offers training courses internationally, specializing in removable prosthetics. He holds the additional qualifications of BPS Master Instructor and Instructor for the SEMCD technique developed by Dr Jiro Abe.
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Mr Robert Grünenfelder

Mr Robert Grünenfelder (CTD) trained as a Dental Technician in Switzerland before joining Ivoclar in 1981
he initially worked as a technical consultant before moving into the Research & Development as Head of Prosthetic Equipment in 1987. During his career which has spanned over four decades with the company, Robert has overseen the introduction of several important pieces of equipment including the Stratos articulator range, UTS Transferbow, Gnathometer CAD, Programat sintering & firing furnaces and also the Ivobase injector. He was also part of the team responsible for the introduction of the BPS concept and workflow. Today, Robert works as Global Head of Furnaces. 
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Professor Kenichi Matsuda

Professor Matsuda qualified as a Dentist in 2003 before going onto complete his Ph.D at Osaka University in 2007
He became a clinical fellow in the hospital attached to the same University, and in 2019, became the director of his own practice - HILIFE OSAKA-UMEDA Dental Clinic where he is also the Academic Leader in the HILIFE DENTURE ACADEMY.  In 2019, he was appointed Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, Gerodontology and Oral Rehabilitation, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry. He is a BPS Clinical master instructor and member of the International Association for Dental Research: IADR, International College of Prosthodontists: ICP, Japan Prosthodontic Society (Board Certified Instructor ), Japanese Society of Gerodontology (Board Certified Member), Japanese Society of Oral Implantology (Board Certified Fellow), Course Instructor of Removable Prosthodontics, SHOFU co.
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Mr Paul McNally

Mr Paul McNally qualified as a  Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) from the Dublin Dental University Hospital in summer 2014
and successfully opened McNally Denture Clinic in  his home town of  Carlow. With over twenty seven years experience in the field of Dental Technology he practiced as a  Dental Technician and successfully ran his own Dental Laboratory. Paul is passionate and extremely knowledgeable in his field, with his artistic eye and skill, he has a reputation of producing natural looking and functional dentures. Paul lectures internationally on the topic of removable dentures and is proud to also hold the titles of certified BPS Denturist instructor as well as a Dr Jiro Abe SEMCD international clinical and Technical Instructor 
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Mr Jozsef Ratonyi

Jozsef graduated as a Dental Technician in 1999 in Budapest at Industrial special professional school
He started work as an employee in Törökbálint in 1999, and opened his own laboratory in Ráckeve in 2003 where he still works today.His laboratory specialises in removable BPS dentures, and full arch rehabilitations. Jozsef received awards in the Candulor competition in 2015, and 2019. Since 2017, he has been a BPS technical instructor for the BPS system of Ivoclar and is also a technical instructor of SEMCD by Dr Jiro Abe. Joszef is also a published author and has written a professional textbook for dental technician students first published in 2018 by Medicina publisher: Introduction to the total prosthetic. He has taken part in the dentistry education program in the Debrecen medical University between 2018-2020.  In 2020, he became an honorary member of the Prosthodontists Group of the Hungarian Dentist Association. A strong passion for learning has also seen him complete the dental assistant and clinical dental hygienist program. Recently, Joszef was proud to publish his second textbook, The Totalprosthetic 1.  Which came out in hungarian language, in March of 2022. Published by Ars Artis Medical Publishing Ltd.
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Mr Kenji Iwaki

Kenji graduated in 1994 as a Dental Technician from Japan Dental University
and worked in a laboratory before opening his own laboratory in 2000 – I.D.T Dental Laboratory. He became a Certified BPS Dental Technician in 2003 and won first place in the Ivoclar global BPS contest. He successfully completed the BPS technical master course in Ivoclar Headquarters in 2010. He has completed courses in Zurich on Gerber Denture technique and the Gerber Registration technique. In 2014 he qualified as an Ivoclar Vivadent BPS technical instructor and went on to open the state of the art Dental Labor IDT Co., Ltd. In 2016. He is also a lecturer at Japan Dental University Tokyo Junior College. In 2017 he completed the Digital Denture course at Ivoclar. He is a key member of Dr Abe’s SEMCD personal team and master clinical and technical SEMCD instructor, he is also a member of the JPDA (Japan Plate Denture Association). A published author, his work has featured in several leading dental publications
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Mr Thomas Doblander

Thomas completed his apprenticeship as a dental technician in Germany in 2002
After acquiring his university entrance qualification, he worked for DENTSPLY DETREY for 6 years before joining Ivoclar Vivadent AG in 2016. Initially, he worked as a product manager and was responsible for the portfolio of artificial teeth and denture base materials. In 2016, he secured the position of Manager Global Education Technical at the Ivoclar Academy in Liechtenstein where he his is responsible for the training of dealers, customers and employees in the field of removable prosthetics and digital dentures worldwide. In addition, he lectures internationally at congresses and events. He is a BPS Technical master instructor. 
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Dr Fumiaki Yamazaki

Dr Yamazaki graduated from Kyushu University in 1995,
working in general practice up until  2012 before he went on to open his own state of the art Yamazaki Dental Clinic in Toyama where he works today. He is a master instructor of the BPS workflow as well as also being a master instructor of the Dr Abe SEMCD suction denture technique and delivers hands on courses on both techniques. He is an international speaker and trainer on removable prosthodontics and delivers education to dental professionals around the world. In 2017 he successfully completed his PhD and graduated from Osaka University. He is the current Vice-president of the JPDA (Japan Plate Denture Association).
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Mr Germen Versteeg

Denturist and dental technician, founder of DTL Mediaan
 DTL Mediaan and Mediaan clinic are a full-service dental clinic and laboratory.  In 2020 Germen founded Denticien, a completely new concept to bring dentures to high streets and shopping centres in a completely new way.  Germen Versteeg is an International key opinion leader and speaker for Nextdent, 3shape, Ivoclar and Straumann.
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