Conventional Removable Prosthetics 

The fascination of denture prosthetics – more than a denture

Our biofunctional prosthetic system (BPS) for conventional removable prosthetics delivers highly aesthetic, customized, functional dentures that will delight your patients.

1. Preliminary bite taking: Precision first

A small step for dentists … a giant leap for prosthetics
Centric Tray
provisionally determines the jaw relation and occlusal plane. [1]  
• Provisional patient-specific maxillomandibular relationship minimizes later adjustments [1] 
• Provisional occlusal position is determined effortlessly at the first appointment [1]  
• Reusable [2-4] for indications in both complete and partial denture prosthetics [1]
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2. Functional impression: High accuracy

Centricity to the point.
Gnathometer M
is an intraoral registration device that enables you to determine the occlusal position of edentulous patients. [5, 6]  
• For intraoral recording of Gothic Arch and determination of centric relation [5]  
• Determination of jaw relation and occlusal positions [5, 6]  
• Can be sterilized [7]
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3. Registration: Efficient recording

Fast results in no time at all.
transfer bow and UTS adapter enable skull-related model transfer.
• Easy attachment to the Gnathometer M to determine cranial jaw relation of the functional impressions [1]  
• Can be set to the Camper’s Plane (CP) or the Frankfort Horizontal (FH) thanks to adjustable nose piece [8]  
• The registration data is fixed in no time with just one tommy screw and then transferred into articulators [1]
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4. Design: Customised dentures. Beautiful smiles.

The exceptional aesthetic tooth for sophisticated needs. Simply brilliant!
SR Vivodent S DCL
consists of a wide range of functional and esthetic prefabricated teeth designed to make patients light up.
• Modern design in 16 A-D and four Bleach shades
• 16 different anterior teeth based on the original Vivodent A moulds
• Highly cross-linked DCL material for a wide range of applications

5. Try-in: Final check

Predictable results
Involve your client
This step verifies that all the information that has been gathered so far is correct, and that the implementation matches your client’s vision.
• Aesthetic and phonetic tooth set-up
• Comfortable prosthesis design
• Accurate centric relation

6. Finalisation: Fully automatic

Precise dentures at the push of a button
IvoBase System
is one of the few fully automatic injection systems on the market.
• High impact-resistant materials contribute to accurate fit, comfort and durability
• Controlled injection
• Controlled polymerization
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Masters of Removable Prosthetics: Celebrating 25 years of BPS
Our 2-day event will focus on denture innovation - from the evolution of the Biofunctional Prosthetic System to the Ivotion Digital Denture System. World renowned speakers will show how the systems enable dental professionals to deliver consistent results by providing premium solutions to their patients.
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