The universal polisher


One polishing system for composite and ceramic restorations [1, 2].

OptraGloss is a universal polishing system for extraoral and intraoral use. It is suitable for the high-gloss polishing dental restorations made of composite resin and ceramics [1,2].

OptraGloss consists of a dark-blue diamond polisher for pre-polishing and a light-blue diamond polisher for high-gloss polishing. For the one-step polishing of composite resin fillings, only the high-gloss polisher is required. The polishers are available in the shapes “Cup”, “Flame”, “Lens” and now also “Spiral Wheel” (only as high-gloss polisher) [2, 3].


  • Due to a high diamond content of up to 70%wt,excellent polishing results are ensured[2,3]

  • Particularly smooth and shiny restoration surfaces [1,2]
  • No additional polishing paste needed [2,5]
  • Two-step high-gloss polishing of ceramic restorations [2]
  • One system for all popular indications in the dental practice [1,2]

Areas of Application

  • Polishing of composite resin fillings [2]
  • Polishing of restorations made of glass-ceramics, feldspathic ceramics and oxide ceramics [1,2]


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