Success story: Ivoclar Vivadent looks back on a year of the Ivotion Denture System - and presents even more application options and a greater choice of gingiva shades

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 5 October 2021

It has been just over a year since the innovative Ivotion Denture System from Ivoclar Vivadent revolutionized the fabrication of removable dentures. During this time, the company has not only won over numerous users, but it has also kept its promise of ongoing development of the Ivotion Denture System by releasing fabrication of implant-supported dentures and a new gingiva shade.

One of the world's leading providers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental solutions, with a comprehensive range of products and systems for dentists and dental technicians, Ivoclar Vivadent can look back on a successful year for its Ivotion Denture System. As part of the Digital Denture Workflow, this innovative system facilitates a fast and predictable process for fabricating removable dentures from just a single disc. Easy to use and highly efficient, it also impresses with attractive esthetic results. Qualities that have won over countless users and patients across the world since its launch just over a year ago.

An integrated concept: Ivotion as part of the Digital Denture Workflow
In 2020, with the Ivotion Denture System, Ivoclar Vivadent established a complete process for the digital fabrication of premium-grade removable dentures from a single monolithic disc. This system solution combines tailored process components with premium-grade materials and sophisticated technologies. At the heart of the system is the unique Ivotion CAD/CAM disc that enables custom monolithic dentures to be fabricated in just one milling process. This system concept together with the new Ivotion monolithic disc revolutionized the fabrication of removable dentures with an intelligent Digital Denture Workflow – from patient consultation (IvoSmile) to clinical processes, from intuitive design (3Shape Dental System) and the monolithic disc (Ivotion) to fabrication (PrograMill milling units), right through to follow-up. The tailored workflow enables fast, efficient, and consistent results.

An all-round solution: the clever Ivotion CAD/CAM disc
The innovative Ivotion disc is the heart of the Ivotion Denture System. This CAD/CAM disc made of two colours is an intelligent combination of high-grade proven tooth and denture base materials in a single disc for the monolithic fabrication of complete dentures. The big advantage: with Ivotion, there is no longer any need to bond teeth to the denture base. This reduces potential problem areas. The Ivotion disc contains the unique Shell Geometry, a three-dimensional tooth and dental arch geometry based on real denture data that defines the transition between the tooth and denture base materials. The PMMA material used impresses with its optimized fracture resistance. What is more, with the Full Denture Module in the 3Shape Dental System, dentures can be customized easily and quickly to meet patient needs, thanks to tooth libraries with sample setups, morphing tools, setup features and a variety of gingiva designs.

Ongoing development with added value for customers and patients
Following its launch, the Ivotion Denture System by Ivoclar Vivadent has set new standards in removable denture solutions and has quickly achieved a high level of acceptance and satisfaction across the world. Right from the start, Ivotion was designed with the future in mind, using premium-grade materials to facilitate a wide range of applications. That is why Ivotion is also ideally suited for the fabrication of implant-supported dentures. This means that now, even more application options are possible when fabricating and customizing removable dentures. A third gingiva shade is also a significant benefit here. In addition to the existing shades Pink-V and Preference, the Ivotion CAD/CAM disc is now also available in US-D, a shade that specifically meets the needs of patients with darker gingival colouring. As a result, dentists and dental technicians can further expand the range of customizations they offer to patients. After all, Ivoclar Vivadent has one mission: Making People Smile.

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