CAM processes
Fully automatic CAM processes

PrograMill CAM software

The intelligent CAM5 output format for Ivoclar Digital applications transmits all the important data required for the milling process, such as the restoration type or material and milling parameters, to the PrograMill CAM software.

The digital process is optimally matched to the PrograMill machines from Ivoclar Digital.

The software automatically recognizes various milling areas such as internal and external contours and preparation margins. This way, the data is processed faster in the PrograMill CAM software, operation is easier and a high degree of automation is ensured. This gives you peace of mind, increases the efficiency of your workflow and frees you up for other laboratory work.

3Shape CAMbridge

Integrated into the Dental System software, 3Shape CAMbridge recognizes designs that are ready for 3D printing. The direct link to the PrograPrint PR5 printer from Ivoclar ensures fast and easy 3D printing.

IPS e.max Digital Press Design – Wax Tree: This software add-on enables the computer-based spruing of multiple single-tooth restorations to a virtual wax tree. Developed specifically for the IPS e.max press technology, the wax tree is produced with the PrograPrint 3D printer,  invested and then pressed in a Programat® press furnace.
3Shape Lab Scanners
3Shape lab scanners provide high accuracy, fast speed and versatile scanning features.
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