PrograScan PS5 and PS3 Lab Scanner

Simply scan and design

Powerful partners you can rely on for your scanning needs

Select a scanner that matches the needs of your laboratory. The PrograScan PS5 and PrograScan PS3 offer intuitive operation and high-accuracy results you can rely on.

Integrated workflow for better results

Precision, reliability and ease of handling - our PrograScan lab scanners have it all. They are optimally integrated into Ivoclar’s digital workflow and all the technologies, software programs and materials are coordinated with each other. Scanning is made easy with the integrated DentalCAD software from exocad. High process reliability enables you to enjoy time savings and reliable results.

PrograScan PS5 and PS3: the new generation of scanners for your lab

Useful options
  • AutoSave allows you to pause the scan process any time you want, giving you greater flexibility

  • Automatic scan data matching streamlines the working process and saves time

Optimized scan results
  • Integrated pattern technology generates high-resolution scans

  • Rescan function maximizes the amount of data captured

Coordinated processes
  • Integrated into the Ivoclar Digital workflow

  • High process integrity and reliability

  • Powerful exocad DentalCAD software

Areas of applications
  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Bite guard splints 

PrograScan PS5
Precision scans and versatile functions
High scan speed is the hallmark of the PrograScan PS5. This lets you complete your work process in significantly less time. Impressions are scanned fully automatically using a third axis. The digital model is shown in colour.
PrograScan PS3
Precision scans for basic applications
If you primarily want precision and fast data processing, then the PrograScan PS3 is the right scanner for your lab.

Technical data

Dental design software: exocad

Reliable and easy to use

Design your restorations and workpieces with the powerful exocad DentalCAD software. Intuitive to use and suitable for a broad range of indications, this software facilitates your day-to-day work in your lab.

Get one of the Lab Bundles to access the most essential applications and materials of Ivoclar’s digital workflow. Included in the range of material is e.g. the IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime zirconium oxide material and the optimum processing procedure for this material.

Software modules

A variety of exocad software modules are available for the PrograScan PS5 and PS3 lab scanners.
Extend your service offerings with one or more of exocad’s DentalCAD software modules and enjoy a greater range of functions according to your needs.

Your benefits
  • Intuitive operation

  • Reliable CAD software

  • Open system

  • Numerous design modules

  • Great flexibility in the use of software modules

Workflows that pay off

Benefit from greater reliability and time savings along the entire digital workflow. All steps and components are optimally coordinated with each other: scan, design, CAM software, materials all the way to milling with the PrograMill machine. An integrated workflow means that there are fewer interfaces for you, which reduces the possibility of errors and increases process reliability.

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