FAQ – Ivotion Denture System and exocad DentalCAD
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It has never been so easy to produce dental reconstructions and prostheses digitally. And without a steep learning curve. The exocad DentalCAD software reliably supports the entire digital production process, from scanning and design through to production. Even the standard version of the software covers many application areas – including complex ones – and offers attractive application options. The strength of the software lies in its simple and intuitive operation: it mirrors your analogue working environment so that you can find your way around right from the start.

Your questions about exocad DentalCAD-Software – our answers.

With an Ivoclar license, the design is possible from the Rijeka version (2022). For all other licenses, the new Elefsina version (2023) is required.

The FullDenture module is the basis for the design. In addition, the Ivotion Denture add-on is required to enable the functionalities of Ivotion and the Oversize Process.

At your exocad reseller.

The Ivotion library is mandatory for Ivotion, as it is the only library that contains the Shell Geometry (transition from tooth to gingiva). For the Oversize Process, an existing library or one of the other Ivoclar tooth libraries can be used.

The Ivotion library and the other Ivoclar tooth libraries are only available from Ivoclar License Management (licenses@ivoclar.com). Please provide your dongle number when ordering.

No, all Ultimate Lab Bundle licenses get the Ivotion Denture add-on automatically activated with the upgrade to Elefsina (2023). The tooth libraries are not included and must be ordered separately.

You can have your denture designs milled at Service+: Service+ is an outsourcing partner for any laboratory and offers products and services related to the dental CAD/CAM world from Ivoclar. All laboratory customers have the option to design the restorations themselves and then commission Service+ to produce them from Ivoclar materials for them. The product portfolio includes fixed and removable prosthetics as well as implant prosthetics.

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Great for beginners and even more powerful in the hands of an expert. exocad’s DentalCAD software is known for its speedy operation and ease of use. It is reliable and robust even for solving complex cases on a daily basis.

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