Where beautiful smiles begin


Featuring an optimized user interface and the much-anticipated compatibility with the 3Shape Dental System.
Show your patients their incredible new smile in just a few minutes without any obligation – on your iPad or iPhone.


  • Motivate your patients to agree to a cosmetic dental treatment.
  • Reduce your consultation time.
  • Improve your communication with your dental lab.

Reduce your treatment time and expense and swiftly present the envisioned result directly on the patient in live mode. The app features augmented reality technology to give patients an impression of their own face showing their new smile in the “virtual mirror” of an Apple iPad (recommended) or iPhone.

The virtual presentation of the new smile makes the treatment goal easier to understand. As a result, the patient can make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in a costly and time-consuming cosmetic procedure. The impressive before-and-after images and the possibility of viewing oneself with the new smile in a virtual mirror is an exciting experience for patients and will make them think seriously about a smile makeover.

In addition, IvoSmile has a bleaching tool, which allows you to simulate the whitening of natural teeth. The app therefore supports you in discussing tooth whitening treatments with your patients. Beautiful teeth are worth talking about!

Dentist and dental technician – a well-honed team: The app creates new synergies in the shared treatment and care of your patients.

The app’s compatibility with CAD software allows the dentist to send images of the patient including the proposed treatment outcome to the dental lab by e.g. 3Shape Communicate or file-sharing. The IvoSmile add-on (available from Ivoclar and 3Shape dealers) enables the dental lab to import patient images including the proposed design of their dentist in the 3Shape Dental System. A facial driven digital design is created, which can be viewed from different angles (design in motion). 

Before the restoration is fabricated, the dental technician sends a data record of the digital design to IvoSmile for assessment purposes. The restoration is virtually tried-in using the digital real-time 3D mirror image of the patient or patient photos.

This digital tool not only makes it easier and more convenient for you to effectively communicate with your patients, but also with your laboratory partners.


  • Digital communication and consultation app for a clear and motivating dialogue with patients and dental technicians.
  • Fast and realistic visualization of the potential esthetic dental treatment including the possibility of individually adapting the virtual teeth
  • Tooth whitening: simulation of bleaching results on natural teeth
  • Photo import feature: patient images can be imported in IvoSmile
  • The IvoSmile add-on ensures compatibility with the 3Shape Dental System

Your benefits

  • Show your patients their incredible new smile in just a few minutes.
  • Explain complex aspects of the treatment by visualizing them.
  • Emotionally engage your patients and gain customer loyalty.
  • Simplify your communication with your dental laboratory partners.
  • Avoid additional work and expenses caused by misunderstandings and disagreements.

Technical requirements

  • Apple iPad or iPhone with iOS 13 or higher
  • The IvoSmile add-on for the 3Shape Dental System from Version 2020 (available from Ivoclar and 3Shape dealers)

* Please note: the CAD integration ""IvoSmile Add-On"" (3Shape) is currently not available in China & USA.

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