PrograMill One
Setting new standards

PrograMill One is a smart and very compact 5-axis milling machine. 

It combines industrial production quality with high precision and modern design. The machine is wireless and can be placed anywhere within the practice and operated via an app from a tablet or smartphone. This new interplay between man and machine means it can be perfectly integrated within the pratice.

5XT – the next generation of processing

The innovative 5-axis turn-milling technology (5XT) means the block which is being processed moves around the tool. The infeed remains consistent and the tool never leaves the workpiece. This enables short machining times while keeping tool wear low. The result is an outstanding surface quality and excellent fit of the restorations. Depending on the materials and indications, individual validated machining strategies are used, reducing rework to a minimum.

Your benefits
  • Outstanding surface quality
  • Excellent fit
  • Short processing times
High Automation and Comfort
  • 5-axis turn-milling technology (5XT)
  • Quick and precise due to 5XT
  • 5-way material changer and 8-position tool changer
  • Integrated camera for a high level of automation
  • Easy and wireless operation via an app
  • Optical Status Display
  • Fully automatic material and tool management
  • Inlays, onlays, veneers
  • Partial crowns, crowns
PrograMill One App
PrograMill One is wireless and can be operated from anywhere within the practice via an app from a tablet or smartphone. This way you are always informed of the machine’s current status.

App Features

  • Order management: Order list in the overview, Current processing status, Control of the 5-axis block changer
  • Tool management: Display of tool status, Control of the 8-position tool changer
  • Machine management: Overview of machine data, Machine status, Filter unit status


Everything under control. Always and everywhere