Meisinger Burs

Quality dental instruments made in Germany

Meisinger Burs

Meisinger manufactures top class rotary instruments for virtually every application, specialising in burs, cutters and abrasives.

Diamond Burs
Meisinger diamond instruments consist of a shank and a hardened stainless profile body coated with selected diamond grains. This guarantees an extremely homogenous, safe and lasting diamond coating of the instruments and thus optimal working results.

Meisinger steel instruments are manufactured from one piece vanadium tungsten steel or stainless steel. They demonstrate quality through their functional design, precision toothing, and above average concentricity. The instruments offer high elasticity and optimal material hardness. Meisinger Steel instruments are produced from high strength steel and therefore offer an additional heat strength, as well as high endurance.

Tungsten Carbide
Meisinger Tungsten Carbide instruments are attractive due to their precise tooth shape, high concentricity, outstanding efficiency and long endurance. They are made from high density, fine grain metal and are sized to offer the best performance for each application.

Meisinger offers one of the most extensive portfolios in the area of surgical cutters. The optimised special construction of the instruments guarantee a safe application and speedy achievement for the desired working result.

Bone Management
Meisinger Bone Management offers a perfectly harmonised aligned system solution which, completely independent from the current implant system in use, provides a controlled optimisation of the bone implant bed.

Tungsten carbide cutter for the laboratory are compelling due to their functional precision toothing, above average concentricity,outstanding efficiency, and long endurance. They aremade of high density fine grain metal and are characterisedby their practical dimensions.
Red ring for delicate and difficult trimming of hard alloys, acrylics and ceramics.
Blue ring for trimming large surfaces of non-precious alloys and acrylics.

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