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FKG Swiss Endo

FKG has consistently led the field in developing innovative endodontic instruments and accessories. With a range of endodontic products, FKG has every solution you need.

Race EVO

RACE® EVO is the ultimate evolution of our popular and proven RaCe rotary system. Highly dependable original RaCe features combined with proprietary heat treatment and higher rotation speed capability, make RACE® EVO instruments even safer, easier to control and more efficient than ever before.

  • Exclusive heat treatment combined with legacy RaCe features provide the perfect combination of strength, durability and control. With unmatched resistance to cyclic fatigue, optimised yet non-intrusive cutting efficiency, and a low screwing effect, RACE® EVO is designed to be safe
  • RACE® EVO specific heat treatment provides unprecedented mechanical properties, which in turn allow higher speed for quicker and more comfortable treatment for patients
  • The RaCe design and over 20 years of trusted performance associated with higher speed, bring improved efficiency with a familiar feel to RACE® EVO instruments.

TotalFill is a pre-mixed bioceramic obturation material. It is dispensed using a syringe in cases of root canal obturation and with either a syringe or as a putty when doing root repair and retrograde fillings.

TotalFill BC Sealer™
This highly radiopaque and hydrophilic sealer, TotalFill BC Sealer, forms hydroxyapatite upon setting and chemically bonds to both dentine and to our bioceramic points (TotalFill® BC Points™). BC Sealer is anti-bacterial during setting due to its highly alkaline pH and unlike traditional sealers, BC Sealer exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage!

TotalFill BC RRM™
The TotalFill BC RRM repair material comes in 3 specially formulated consistencies: as a paste (syringe 1g), a Putty (jar 2.5g) or a Fast Set Putty (syringe 0.3g).
The RRM is highly resistant to washout and ideal for all types of root repair and pulp capping treatments.
Easy to handle, robust and with a shortened set time (only 20 min for the Fast Set Putty), it is also highly biocompatible and osteogenic.


XP-endo Solutions revolutionises endodontics using breaking innovation, optimised solutions, and Swiss precision manufacturing so you can master your practice faster, more safely and efficiently.

Now the most unique and complete 3D canal management system available, the FKG dual file designs feature high adaptability and minimally invasive tooling for maximum canal safeguarding. Expand your mind and your craft.

Rooter Universal

The Rooter® Universal is a cordless endodontic motor with apex locator. With its powerful functions and precise measurements, the clinician can easily cope with the root canal preparation problem, and make a perfect root canal treatment. The device has 3 working modes for maximum ease of use.

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