Renfert Wax Technology

Reliable waxing up. In half the time.

Renfert Wax Technology

Fewer steps and save up to 70% time Heating over a Bunsen burner is no longer required in crown and bridge work in combination with the Waxlectric and Vario E. You can efficiently prepare and apply wax in the partial and full denture technique using the Waxprofi and large wax knife.

Prepare in minimum time
The wide variety of Renfert sculpting tips for the wax technique ensures that you can optimally utilise your required instrument for each area of application. This also includes a flexible temperature setting of 50°–200°C.

Take advantage of a coordinated system
The wax units develop their full potential when used in combination with GEO waxes. These waxes are suitable for processing both with a Bunsen burner as well as for optimised processing using the Waxlectric.

For more information on Renfert Sandblasters, visit or contact us on 0508 486 252.

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