Lab-proven[1]. Future-proof.

Celebrating 30 years of the press technology: a 30-year success story.

The visionary idea of pressing all-ceramic restorations became a reality in 1991 when we introduced a pioneering new method of fabricating dental restorations: the ceramic pressing technology. Today, many years later, this breakthrough technology in esthetic dentistry is still considered to be a proven and future-proof manufacturing method.

Our ceramic pressing technology - 
proven[1] yet innovative[2].

Our press technology is characterized by impressive esthetics, utmost precision[3] and exceptional efficiency. The system is future-proof and the go-to solution for dentists and dental technicians around the world - now and in the future.

Pressing pays off

Our press technology is state of the art. The straightforward fabrication process delivers on its promises. The components of the system are fully coordinated and produce high-precision restorations[3]. You will benefit from enhanced productivity, lower investment costs and the added value stays in your dental laboratory. Highly economical and efficient: several restorations can be produced in one press process.

Trust builds confidence: our 10-year IPS e.max guarantee

By choosing IPS e.max materials you are making the right choice, because these materials have proven their long-lasting clinical performance on a daily basis[1]. Our promise to you, the dentist and the dental technician, is backed up by our guarantee.

As minimally invasive as possible

The objective of modern dentistry is to maintain the tooth structure to the best possible extent. IPS e.max Press exhibits high flexural strength (470 MPa)[4] and toughness[5] Consequently, it can be used to press very thin restorations. Due to its excellent marginal quality and accuracy of fit, the material is suitable for fabricating veneers of 0.3-millimetre thickness as well as full-contour crowns of only 1-millimetre thickness[3].
We offer impressive esthetics
The IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) enables you to produce natural-looking masterpieces of utmost precision[3]. IPS e.max Press brings out the best in dental laboratory technology: customized fabrication of esthetic restorations on the basis of skilled craftsmanship and esthetic sensitivity – with the aim of enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing of your patients.

(Crowns (13 – 23) IPS e.max Press, IPS e.max Ceram                                                     
Dr Michele Khabbas / Hilal Kuday, Turkey)

We combine conventional and digital approaches

Our PrograPrint 3D printing system will complement your conventional press workflow. The equipment and materials of the 3D printing system are fully coordinated and will smooth your transition into digital manufacturing. This new technology will heighten your productivity because you will be able to fabricate several wax-ups efficiently in one printing process: for seamless integration in the proven ceramic pressing technology.
The press technology, that inspires

Dental technicians and dentists can fully trust our pressing technology. It fits into every workflow and budget without having to make any compromises. The workflow combines reliable all ceramics materials[1] such as the IPS e.max Press and future-oriented equipment such as the Programat press furnaces.

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