Take part in our worldwide efficiency challenge with Adhese® Universal VivaPen®

Take part in our efficiency challenge!
Join our worldwide
efficiency challenge!

Compare Adhese Universal in the VivaPen with your conventional bottle adhesive and see which one performs better. Get your free Adhese Universal VivaPen now.

Did you know that Adhese Universal, with its innovative VivaPen delivery form, is easy, straightforward and economical to use? Secure your spot in the efficiency challenge now and see for yourself! Adhese Universal can be dispensed precisely and quickly with just one click. Adhese Universal simplifies the bonding step in direct and indirect restorative procedures[1] and streamlines the application protocol.

Take part in the worldwide efficiency challenge and compare applications with your conventional bottle adhesive!

How does the efficiency challenge work?

Complete the form below to participate in the efficiency challenge. As a participant in the efficiency challenge, you will receive a free Adhese Universal VivaPen including snap-on cannulas. Simply compare the number of single-tooth applications which you can achieve with a VivaPen (containing 2ml of Adhese Universal) with the number of applications that you can achieve with your conventional bottle adhesive, then send the number of applications achieved with each of the two delivery forms to Ivoclar. More detailed information on the efficiency challenge will be sent to you after you have submitted the form below.

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