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Getting started in digital impression-taking is extra easy with the intuitive VivaScan intraoral scanner

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 10 May 2023

Ivoclar, one of the world's leading providers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications with a comprehensive product and system portfolio for dentists and dental technicians introduced VivaScan in 2022. VivaScan is a compact and intuitive intraoral scanning solution, designed to make it extra easy for dentists to get started in digital dentistry. Since the launch of the product, dentists around the world have experienced firsthand how easy and smooth Ivoclar’s VivaScan can be integrated into their routines, allowing them to benefit from excellent scan results and more efficient workflows.

Dentists are impressed with VivaScan
Since the global market launch of Ivoclar’s new VivaScan a few months ago and its uptake in dental practices, many dentists have now reviewed their first experiences with the scanner and their conclusions so far have been overwhelmingly positive. Along with the intuitive operation, accurate scanning results and smooth integration into existing routines, they frequently praised the time savings that digital impression-taking offered them compared to conventional impressions. Digitalisation of this step means that the captured scan data can be quickly and safely transmitted to the lab partner for further processing via the integrated software solution. The all-in-one solution has been well received around the world.

VivaScan’s ease of use has left a strong impression on Dr Gillian Alexander, dentist in Buffalo, New York (USA). She has nothing but positive things to say about the new intraoral scanner: “Right from the start, I knew I’d like the VivaScan. Set-up was a breeze, the two tip sizes make it very comfortable for patients, and the two-button function allows me to advance to the next page without having to de-glove or use barriers,” the dentist reported. The accuracy of the VivaScan is impressive all along the line. “Restorations require little to no adjustments! There is no doubt the scanner will make a great addition to my practice!” she concluded.

For Dr Rafael Piñeiro from Vigo (Spain), the new VivaScan is “simply amazing!”. The Spanish dentist said that he was totally impressed with the scanner’s user friendliness, ergonomic design, and intuitive software application. “The software allows me to produce high-precision models and send it to my lab partner using the Ivoclar Cloud file sharing solution. For me, it is more than a smart & simple device to enter the world of digital dentistry – it makes my work fun!” Rafael Piñeiro said, summarizing the experiences he gathered during the first few months of using the scanner in his practice.

Paris-based dentist Dr Philippe François especially appreciated the smooth functioning of the VivaScan and he was amazed by how much joy the scanner brought to his practice every time he used it. “The VivaScan scanner makes it possible to gain chairside effectiveness and efficiency and impresses with the myriad of possibilities that the digital workflow offers,” the dentist reported. “VivaScan is aimed at dentists who want to discover the world of digital technology and be supported.”

VivaScan from Ivoclar - compact, accurate, intuitive
VivaScan is a compact, high-performance intraoral scanner for dental practices and offers a flexible scanning experience. Its slim, lightweight, and ergonomic design makes scanning an effortless task. Weighing only 230 g, the VivaScan enables flexible use. Thanks to its plug-and-play function, the VivaScan can be employed as a mobile, portable system. The scanner simply needs to be connected to a laptop via a single cable and it is ready for operation. The new VivaScan allows for comfortable scanning. The scanner is supplied with two different-sized tips to determine the best fit for every patient. The high scanning speed of the new VivaScan provides quick and efficient scanning, enabling dentists to optimize their patient flow. With the user-friendly and intuitive software, scans can be sent directly to the laboratory of choice in a streamlined workflow. The integrated file sharing solution ensures secure transfer of data and comes at no extra cost. With one click, the scans are uploaded to the Ivoclar Cloud, from where the dental technician will be able to download them just as easily. All files are downloaded in an open file format, allowing the technicians to work in their preferred way. VivaScan’s innovative laser scanning technology delivers highly accurate results, enabling dentists to provide patients with superbly fitting restorations that put a smile on their faces.

Stepping into the world of VivaScan right away
Ivoclar offers dentists who are interested in finding out more the chance to book a demonstration of the scanner directly in their practice. This way, they can see for themselves the benefits that the scanner could bring to their own personal workflow. More information about the new VivaScan can be found on Ivoclar’s website at www.ivoclar.com/vivascan. The website can also be used to arrange an in-house demonstration of the scanner.

About the Ivoclar Group
The Ivoclar Group, headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications. In 2023, the company proudly celebrates its 100-year anniversary under the theme of “A Century of Innovation”. The company's success is based on a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services, strong research and development capabilities and a clear commitment to training and further education. The group of companies, which sells its products to around 130 countries, has 47 subsidiaries and branch offices and employs roughly 3,500 people worldwide. More information about the Ivoclar Group is available at ivoclar.com.