More choice: Ivoclar Vivadent doubles the number of shades available for SR Vivodent and fulfils the wish of patients for a personalised smile

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 5 October 2021

SR Vivodent denture teeth, which are made from clinically proven PMMA, are the classic teeth from Ivoclar Vivadent, one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications and a comprehensive product and systems portfolio for dentists* and dental technicians. To date, the teeth have been available in 20 Chromascop shades. Now this selection is set to grow by an additional 16 A–D and 4 Bleach shades. This line extension increases SR Vivodent’s range of applications in complete and partial denture prosthetics and in combination with fixed dentures in particular. Dentists, dental technicans and their patients will have an unprecedented selection of shades at their disposal to suit any application or preference.

The requirements that modern, aesthetic dentures need to fulfil are growing all the time. In order to better meet the needs of the company’s customers and their patients, Ivoclar Vivadent is adding more shades to its classic SR Vivodent line, which encompasses a variety of denture tooth moulds in different shades. The 16 new A–D and 4 Bleach shades increase the design options available for customizing dentures. The comprehensive range of 40 different shades gives dental technicians extra flexibility to do their work and opens up the scope of conventional removable prosthodontics.

Clearly organised anterior moulds and functional posterior moulds
The original “A” anterior moulds in the SR Vivodent portfolio are based on the analysis of natural tooth shapes. They blend in seamlessly with the existing dentition. The anterior teeth are categorised into three basic shapes (square, triangular and oval) in order to make it easier to select the most appropriate type of tooth for the individual patient. Moreover, users can choose between soft and bold shapes. The “Typ” posterior tooth moulds are set up in a tooth-to-tooth relation. Five different sizes are available, which enable customers to set up the teeth quickly and easily. They allow dental technicians to create stable and functionally sound dentures efficiently and economically. The high flexibility and wide range of shade choices offered by SR Vivodent helps to improve the efficiency and performance of dental laboratories.

Extensive shade range
The SR Vivodent prefabricated denture teeth are highly versatile. The new A–D and Bleach shades allow the teeth to be used in complete and partial dentures as well as in combination with fixed dentures. The wide assortment of 40 different shades caters to all patient requirements. In addition to the new 16 A–D and 4 Bleach shades, the existing 20 Chromascop shades form the third category of the extensive shade range.

Proven material based on many years of experience
Ivoclar Vivadent has relied on using a proven cross-linked PMMA material to manufacture its denture teeth for many years. The company attaches great importance to quality. The colouring, the materials and the manufacturing processes are subject to stringent quality testing. This forms a solid basis for fabricating functional and esthetic dentures that will satisfy customers for a long time and for ensuring a wide range of applications.

  • Sound chemical bond to denture base materials
  • Homogenous product quality
  • High shade stability
  • Versatile applications

The SR Vivodent denture teeth are an integral component of the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) from Ivoclar Vivadent, which features a functional and coordinated workflow for producing removal dentures. Apart from ensuring the customary reliability and quality of the material, the workflow is known for its exceptional customisation possibilities and efficiency for the benefit of dentists, dental technicians and patients.

The 16 new A–D and 4 new Bleach shades have been available from leading dental dealers and online sources since the end of August 2021.

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