IvoSmile App helps dentists and labs to envision a patient's new smile together

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 28 January 2021

Augmented reality makes it possible: The IvoSmile app from Ivoclar Vivadent enables immediate 3D real-time visualisation of aesthetic dental treatments for the first time. The new, optimised version of the app now allows complete CAD integration into 3Shape Dental System software.

Up until now, the IvoSmile software application has been particularly popular for patient consultations conducted by dentists. It helps dentists to generate leads and contributes towards increased treatment acceptance. Its functions have now been greatly expanded. From now on, dental practices and dental laboratories will be linked by comprehensive CAD integration. This means that Ivoclar Vivadent has now solved another problem often experienced by dentists: communication issues with the laboratory.

Delight patients and increase treatment acceptance
IvoSmile is an innovative app that enables dental professionals to show their patients aesthetic treatment options in just a few minutes and without obligation. Through augmented reality, the iPad or iPhone becomes a virtual mirror. The patient sees himself or herself with a new smile during the consultation itself. Using a virtual representation of a possible esthetic treatment allows the treatment goal to be communicated more easily and made more comprehensible for the patient. IvoSmile is a convincing consultation tool that involves the patient, evokes an emotional response, and significantly increases acceptance of a treatment.

CAD integration into the 3Shape Dental System
Thanks to the new IvoSmile Add-on for the 3Shape Dental System, full CAD integration is now possible with the new version of the app. Through the interface, IvoSmile data can be easily sent to the laboratory, with the lab then able to send the design data back to the practice via Dental System. This allows treatment proposals to be impressively presented to the patient and effectively coordinated between the laboratory and dentist. This simplifies and improves communication between practice and laboratory and helps dentists and dental technicians to jointly develop a patient's new smile.

“I have always been a great fan of the powerful patient engagement enabled by the innovative and unique Augmented Reality engine of IvoSmile. With the new version of IvoSmile, together with the IvoSmile add-on for 3Shape Dental System software, we can now exactly replicate the visualised smile by a full integration into the lab’s digital CAD/CAM process. The data is not only imported from IvoSmile into our Dental System, but also imported back from the laboratory into IvoSmile” says Rune Fisker, Vice President for Product Strategy, 3Shape.

Envision a new smile together
The patient not only sees himself with the treatment proposal from a tooth library but can virtually test the designed restoration provided by the laboratory in 3D and in real time. Thus, the dentist can increase the quality of the consultation and treatment acceptance. The CAD integration makes it easier for dental practices and dental laboratories to prevent misunderstandings and to avoid reworking or making multiple restorations.

New, intuitive user interface
The app's new interface optimises usability and helps users to navigate and design. A step-by-step guide takes users through the app and explains all the important functions, features and innovations. In addition, the new version allows users to import photos of patients. As of now, IvoSmile has full functionality on the iPhone as well.

Free 30-day trial
IvoSmile is available from the App Store for iPad and iPhone. To get to know and try out the App, IvoSmile can be tested with full functionality for 30 days without obligation. The 30-day trial period is free of charge and ends automatically. The IvoSmile Add-on is available from Ivoclar Vivadent and 3Shape distributors.

IvoSmile® is a trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent. Dental System is a trademark of 3Shape A/S. Further Information: www.ivosmile.com