Adhese Universal DC

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The dual-cured adhesive for universal use

Adhese Universal DC is a single-component, dual-cured adhesive for universal use. It is particularly suitable for bonding indirect restorations in situations where self-curing is required or desired.[1]

Adhese Universal DC offers the same bonding performance as Adhese Universal and additionally exhibits dual-curing properties. This makes it the optimally suitable adhesive for Variolink Esthetic in the cementation of all types of restorations and root canal posts[2]

Universal application
  • For direct and indirect restorations

  • Suitable for all etching techniques

  • Self-curing, if required or desired[1]

Same bonding performance as Adhese Universal
  • High bond strength (> 25 MPa) on wet and dry dentine

  • Integrated desensitising effect

  • Same benefits as those of our clinically proven Adhese Universal

Even better together

  • Optimally coordinated with Variolink Esthetic DC
  • Especially suitable for adhesive cementation in clinical situations in which completely self-curing procedures are desired or required

  • Can be used in the self-cure mode with Variolink Esthetic DC and all etching protocols.

Adhese Universal DC is available in Free Stand® Single Dose units with initiator-coated applicators in two sizes.

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