Monobond Plus

Simply universal
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A primer for a wide variety of materials

Correct preparation of the adhesive surfaces of a restoration is an essential part of the adhesive cementation process. Monobond® Plus is a universal primer for conditioning all common restorative materials in everyday practice.

Your advantages at a glance

Reliable and strong bond[1]

Monobond Plus contains an innovative combination of functional monomers that promote a strong bond to zirconium oxide, glass-ceramics and metal alloys – comparable to the performance of bonding agents for single materials[1]

Reliable bonding to zirconium oxide and glass-ceramics[2]

Used together with the versatile Variolink Esthetic DC luting material, Monobond Plus promotes a reliable bond to zirconium oxide and glass-ceramics[2]

Uniform application protocol

The material is used in the same way on all restorative materials: apply, allow to react for 60 seconds, disperse excess. 

All-round solution for adhesive cementation

Ivoclar offers coordinated products that are developed to be used together for adhesive cementation: Variolink Esthetic, Monobond Plus and Adhese Universal. 

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