3Shape Lab Scanners

3Shape lab scanners provide high accuracy, fast speed and versatile scanning features. 
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From the entry-level E1 scanner to the high performance E4 and D2000 scanners, the portfolio offers a solution perfectly matched to the needs of your lab.


  • Enhanced efficiency in day-to-day applications
  • A scanner to match the needs of every lab
  • Modular design software
  • Workflows especially designed for Ivoclar – ideally coordinated products and processes
  • Professional CAD support and training offering
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Design Software

3Shape Dental System

The 3Shape Dental System is a high performance, easy to use design software that is integrated into the Ivoclar workflow to provide you with an efficient  design solution. A wealth of design tools allow you to modify and adjust your designs quickly using the pre-installed Ivoclar CAD/CAM materials and the integrated software libraries.


  • Impressive user experience
  • Open system
  • Broad spectrum of indications
  • Increased flexibility

Intuitive 3Shape workflow

  • Intuitive workflow guides through all construction steps
  • Processing orders possible at any time during construction
  • Easy to change between construction steps

Integrated into the Ivoclar workflow

The 3Shape Dental System design software is fully integrated into the validated workflow of Ivoclar. Various material libraries are available to match the comprehensive portfolio of Ivoclar Digital applications. This provides easy access to e.g. the materials of the IPS e.max range for the CAD construction of all-ceramic restorations or the Ivotion Denture System for removable dentures.

Patented Ivoclar workflows such as the IPS e.max Digital Press Design Press Multi and the Ivotion  Denture System are integrated into the new 3Shape Dental System 20.1 software.  Seamless connection to the PrograMill machines is provided by the convenient CAM5 format. This coordination reduces the number of steps required to complete a restoration.

Ivotion Denture System

Field of applications:

  • Single full dentures (upper or lower jaw)

  • Full dentures (upper and lower jaw)

  • Full duplicate dentures (upper and lower jaw)

  • Immediate full dentures (upper and lower jaw)

  • Coverdentures on two attachments (upper or lower jaw)

IPS e.max Press Multi

Efficient press technology: this workflow is designed for constructing fixed restorations using the polychromatic IPS e.max Press Multi ingots and provides a special advantage by positioning the horizontal press sprues in such a way as to give the pressed objects an ideal progression of shade.

Software add-ons and licensing models

3Shape lab scanners are available with a variety of Dental System software add-ons and licensing models, offering every lab a solution that is best matched to its specific needs.

The Dental System modules offer various ranges of features for the design of digital restorations, starting from a scan-only solution to fully digital workflows (see table below). 

CAD Points provide access to some of the indications on top of your original software package.

Licensing models give you the choice between basic licence and LabCare licence.

  • Basic licence is a permanent software licence without recurring costs. You will receive updates but no upgrades to more recent software versions with optimized features within the same version.
  • LabCare licence comes with an annual licensing fee. With this licence, you will receive both updates and upgrades to more recent versions of the software modules and free support, discount on additional modules and a wide range of training option scontained in your package.