PrograMill DRY

Milling zirconium oxide professionally
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PrograMill DRY allows you to mill all types of zirconium oxide restorations.

PrograMill DRY is a compact CAD/CAM dry milling machine and combines coordinated processes with high-quality materials, mature technologies and comfortable handling.

Produce precise zirconium oxide crowns, bridges and innovative dentures using a reliable and fast method. Enjoy the ultimate in flexibility with a system that focuses on reliability and speed. Mill restorations from zirconium oxide and a range of PMMA materials, such as Ivotion for the digital production of complete dentures. 

The compact and specialised system solution featuring easy handling, familiar processes and comprehensive support services.
Compact dry milling machine
  • Ideally suited for the fabrication of restorations made from zirconium oxide, e.g. IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime 
  • Suitable for milling acrylics
  • Automatic tool changer  (16 tools) 
  • Flexible placement in the laboratory; little space needed
Fast and easy change of material discs
  • Integrated quick clamping system
  • Easy no-tool change of materials
  • Fast and user-friendly handling
Coordinated workflow
  • Fast, easy and reliable fabrication procedure
  • Process reliability and time savings due to coordinated processes and materials
  • Comprehensive support
For the fabrication of
  • Inlays, onlays, veneers
  • Partial crowns, crowns
  • Bridges
  • Digital complete dentures

The compact and specialised system solution

PrograMill DRY is a compact 5-axis dry milling machine designed for zirconium oxide milling. Thanks to its compact design, the machine scores highly on flexibility and fits into every dental laboratory. 
PrograMill DRY offers many practical features that help streamline day-to-day operations in the dental laboratory. 

The integrated quick clamping system allows you to change the material discs with just one hand – no tools required. This way your workflow is significantly smoother.
A milling unit that suits your needs

The PrograMill milling units offer you optimally coordinated processes and innovative materials to meet your requirements for modern dental technology. So you can deliver the right solution for every situation. Choose the PrograMill milling machine that suits you best.

The ProgaMill series: comparison of technical data
A wide range of applications using high-end materials

The PrograMill DRY provides powerful processing of a wide variety of materials. The field of applications spans veneers, crowns, digital dentures and splints and the materals include zirconium oxide, e.g. IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime; PMMA, e.g. Ivotion, and temporary materials, e.g. Telio CAD. RFID technology enables the PrograMill units to automatically identify the Ivoclar material being used and apply the correct milling strategy and tools.

Overview of the portfolio of materials and applications
Versatile accessories tailored to your needs

Take advantage of our diverse range of coordinated accessories to make the most of your mill.

We stay by your side

Service offerings tailored to your specific needs give you a maximum level of flexibility, even after you have purchased your milling machine. You can rely on our experts to be there when you need them to give you advice and support. Your benefits: Extended manufacturer’s warranty, service maintenance, software updates, CAD/CAM support over the phone with a designated point of contact.

Financing made easy

Price should not be an obstacle. We do not set limits for ourselves, and we certainly do not set limits for you. Why should it be any different when it comes to financing our PrograMill milling machines? No matter which financing method you choose, financing a PrograMill milling machine has never been easier.
Contact your Ivoclar customer consultant to find out more.

Zirconia restorations

High productivity, fast processing and aesthetic results: Use IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime together with the coordinated PrograMill milling machines, sintering furnaces and more to take advantage of straightforward, intuitive processes that save time and deliver reliable results. 

Digital Denture

The digital denture system is a fast and predictable process that delivers a finished denture out of a single disc for increased efficiency and attractive esthetics.