IPS e.max CAD Crystall./

Universal range of stains and glazes
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Universal stains and glazes

IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Shades, Stains and Glaze is a universal range of stains and glazes designed for use with IPS e.max CAD, IPS e.max ZirCAD and IPS Empress CAD. They are applied in the dental practice.

Whether you use IPS e.max CAD, IPS e.max ZirCAD or IPS Empress CAD, IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Shades, Stains and Glaze allows you to to glaze and individually characterise all-ceramic restorations.

How you benefit:

One-stop solution

With IPS e.max CAD Crystall./, you have a single range suitable for all the ceramic materials from Ivoclar, which means reduced stock and thus lower costs for you.

Comprehensive assortment and simple application

Benefit from familiar application methods and consistently high quality, optimally matched to the processing of your CAD/CAM materials.

Fluorescent effect

The glazing paste is available as a variant with and without a fluorescent effect, allowing you to give your restorations fluorescent properties, depending on the clinical situation.

Possibility of making corrections

Minor corrections (e.g. proximal contact areas) can be applied to IPS e.max CAD and IPS e.max ZirCAD restorations using IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Add-On.

IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Shades, Stains and Glaze

The range includes shades, stains, glazes and the corresponding liquids, as well as add-on products. The comprehensive and user-friendly assortment is particularly suitable for use in dental practices.

One-stop solution
IPS e.max CAD Characterization Kit
With the IPS e.max CAD Characterization Kit, you can individually define and glaze not only IPS e.max CAD restorations but also all-ceramic restorations made of IPS Empress CAD and IPS e.max ZirCAD. The set consists of IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Shades, Stains and Glaze as well as the corresponding liquids, add-ons and useful crystallisation accessories (e.g. tray, pins).
Stains for staining the restoration; available in five Dentin (0, 1, 2, 3 and 4) and two Incisal shades (I1 and I2)
Intensive paste colors for imitating natural characteristics; available in five colors (White, Cream, Sunset, Copper and Olive)
Glaze Spray
Glaze in spray form for glazing; before or after firing
Glaze Paste
Efficient glazing paste; application before or after firing; available with or without fluorescent effect
Glaze Liquid
Special liquid for diluting Shades, Stains and Glaze Paste
For corrections in the incisal/occlusal or dentin area
Add-On Liquid
For corrections in the incisal/occlusal or dentin area

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