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Metal-ceramic materials for more flexibility in the lab

Enjoy more flexibility in your lab with IPS InLine. The range is especially designed to address the different needs in metal-ceramics. Achieve impressive aesthetic results with flexibility and efficiency.

IPS InLine convinces with quality
• Enables target shade to be achieved easily 
• Beautiful aesthetic results due to true-to-nature optical effect*
• Stability, based on coordinated firing parameters 
• Cost-efficient production of restorations, afforded by the versatile options of the IPS InLine range

Your advantages at a glance

Ease of use

IPS InLine is designed for easy handling. Especially the high stability of the IPS Powder Opaquer significantly facilitates the application procedure.

Flexible layering

Bring flexibility to your day-to-day work: our metal-ceramic range offers you flexible options, from basic layering to elaborate esthetic veneer applications.

Ideal material properties

IPS InLine is compatible with the most popular dental alloys for analog or digital workflows in the CTE range from 13.8 to 15.0 x 10-6/K (25 – 500 °C).

Shade matching

The IPS InLine range is carefully designed to allow you to achieve the target shade of your restorations quickly. 

Creating restorations flexibly 

The choice is yours! You will start by choosing the opaquer you prefer. After application of the opaquer, you can choose which product and processing technique you wish to use, based on your preferences and the type of restoration to be fabricated:

IPS InLine Powder Opaquer

IPS InLine Powder Opaquer is suitable for masking alloys in the CTE range from 13.8 to 15.2 (25-500 °C). Given its material properties, the opaquer decisively contributes towards establishing a reliable bond (and is suitable for being veneered with layering materials). A particular advantage of the opaquer is its very high stability during application, facilitating the application procedure and enabling an accurate working technique. In addition, the opaquer affords flexibility in the way it is applied in the lab: (as a solid) with a brush or a metal-free instrument and, if mixed with Powder Opaquer Liquid, in the spray-on technique[1]. The IPS InLine Powder Opaquer assists in establishing the target shade of the restoration due to its coordinate colour saturation.

IPS InLine Paste Opaquer

The IPS InLine Paste Opaquer is suitable for masking alloys in the CTE range from 13.8 to 15.2 (25-500 °C). The paste opaquer is delivered ready to use so that you can begin with veneering your metal frameworks straight away without having to mix the opaquer first. Given its material properties, the opaquer enables a fast application experience and assists in establishing the target shade of the veneer due to its coordinated colour saturation.

Multi-layer technique

Conventional IPS InLine veneering material for individual layering technique: dentin and incisal materials for designing aesthetic restorations and creating impressive details. A comprehensive range of additional materials is available to assist in producing shade customisations and special shade effects. The IPS InLine materials are suited for creating restorations according to the A-D and Bleach shade guides. 

One-layer technique

The IPS InLine layering materials are called (IPS InLine One) Dentcisal. They are a blend of dentin and incisal materials. The balanced coordination of translucency and colour saturation combines the optical properties of dentin and incisal in a single material. So you can build up the dentin and incisal areas together using one single material. Achieve impressive results quickly, even without special previous layering knowledge. The IPS InLine One Dentcisal materials are suitable for fabricating restorations according to the A–D and Bleach shade guides.

For a diverse range of restorations

With IPS InLine, you can cover a varied range of restorations:

  • Veneers
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Gingiva

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