SR Vivodent DCL

Endless possibilities with proven denture teeth in DCL quality
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An incredible range of moulds offering almost endless possibilities

In total 42 upper and 8 lower anterior moulds provide for individual aesthetics. You can choose between three different functional occlusal schemes: SR Orthoplane DCL for zero-degree occlusion, SR Ortholingual DCL for lingualised occlusion and SR Orthotyp DCL, the classic multipurpose denture tooth for removable prosthetic restorations, for semi-anatomical occlusion.

If individuality is your main focus in the fabrication of dentures, then our DCL teeth are the right choice for you. 

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SR Vivodent DCL and
SR Vivodent Plus DCL
In this tooth line, the range of our popular anterior moulds has been extended to include "Plus" moulds. For enhanced individuality an aesthetics. 
Mould concept

Each of the 42 upper moulds and the 8 lower moulds has been shaped individually and features unique characteristics:

  • Natural dimensions

  • Physiological curvature characteristics

  • Vivid surface texture

  • Form-specific layering

  • Accentuated cervical area

Based on their appearance, SR Vivodent DCL and SR Vivodent Plus DCL anterior moulds are loosely arranged into two groups: Soft and Bold.
Within these groups, the moulds are further categorised into three subgroups according to certain basic characteristics that correlate with the shapes most commonly found in nature.

The widest selection of tooth moulds in the Ivoclar portfolio for individualised dentures
  • 24 upper A moulds

  • 18 upper Plus moulds

  • 8 lower anterior moulds

Functional basis

Every jaw is unique, as is every patient: a fact that needs to be taken into account when aiming to achieve a functional and stable solution in the posterior region. Our tooth mould selection allows you to just do that.

SR Ortholingual DCL
  • For lingualised occlusion
  • Gradually tapered lingual cusps
  • Uncomplicated central fossa
  • Basal surface with ridge lap design
  • For tooth-to-tooth and tooth-to-two-teeth set-up techniques
  • Available in three sizes
SR Orthotyp DCL
  • Semi-anatomical occlusion
  • For tooth-to-two-teeth set-up
  • Classic denture tooth
  • Available in five sizes
SR Orthoplane DCL
  • Plain, disturbance-free occlusal anatomy
  • Pronounced occlusal groove in the lower jaw for an effortless combination with SR Ortholingual DCL moulds
  • Ridge lap design
  • Particularly suitable for theurapeutic and geroprosthodontic use
  • Available in three sizes
Double cross-linked resin (DCL): the material of choice

Our SR Vivodent DCL anterior and posterior teeth are made of highly cross-linked DCL resin. DCL means "Double Cross-Linked". Chemically, DCL is a highly modified polymethyl methacrylate variant, in which the polymer and matrix are evenly cross-linked. 

  • Highly cross-linked resin (DCL)

  • Polymer and matrix are equally cross-linked

  • Higher wear resistance and compressive strength than PMMA, while offering the same flexibility

  • Longer service life than PMMA

Endless possibilities

An incredible range of moulds offering almost endless possibilities.

Three different posterior moulds are available to enable the efficient implementation of an occlusal scheme that fits the individual situation.
Occlusal schemes from completely flat to semi-anatomical are available to meet the requirements of the preferred treatment strategy.

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