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    Prevention & Care

    Healthy teeth should stay healthy. Restored and reconstructed teeth should receive the care they need to stay in good shape for a long time. Ivoclar Care is a coordinated range of products that enable you to offer your patients oral health management measures tailored to their specific needs to help them keep their beautiful healthy smiles for many years to come. The range comprises products for use in the practice and at home.  

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    Cervitec Helioseal Helioseal F Maxigesic Pascal Proxyt VivaStyle
    1.25g 5 x 1.25g 50 x0.1g VivaStyle 16%
    Applicator Tips
    Mouth Rinse / Mouthwash Pain Relief Toothbrush Covers
    Fluoride Gels
    Cervitec Fluoride Trays
    Varnishes / Sealers
    Sealant Sealant Tips
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