Telio Desensitizer

Clear solution to desensitize teeth and reduce dentinal hypersensitivities
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Telio Desensitizer

Telio Desensitizer is a clear solution for reducing and preventing dentinal hypersensitivity and postoperative sensitivity.

Telio Desensitizer is in general suitable for pre-treating and desensitizing exposed or cut dentin surface. To prevent and minimize dentinal hypersensitivity dentin surfaces can be treated prior to seating the temporary restoration. The desensitizing agent is suitable for the following fields of application: temporary restorations, luting/ cementation of indirect restorations, direct restorative treatment and treatment of sensitive tooth necks.


  • Total working time of 10 seconds. No light-curing required
  • License for treatment planning & material selection. No interaction with materials of the further treatment.
  • Reduction of dentinal hypersensitivity and postoperative sensitivities
  • cleaning of cut dentin surfaces


Prevention and reduction of dentinal hypersensitivity and postoperative sensitivity for the following fields of application:

  • Temporary restorations
  • Luting / cementation of indirect restorations
  • Direct restorative treatment
  • Treatment of sensitive tooth necks.
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