Tetric EvoCeram Aligner

Made for visibility

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Tetric EvoCeram Aligner is a high quality, fluorescent composite focused on clear aligner attachments. Developed with a clinician in mind for a fluorescent composite that offers: 
Easy detection under UV light:

The chemistry of Tetric EvoCeram Aligner has been optimized to make it easily visible under UV light. This supports the exact initial placement and the easy removal of attachments. The composite is simple to detect and differentiate from enamel. 

The images below demonstrate the natural flourescence of Tetric EvoCeram Aligner and the high visibility of Tetric EvoCeram Aligner under UV light.

Universal T Shade:

In clear aligner treatments, patients seek minimal visibility of the treatment in their daily lives. Consequently, dentists aim for a universal shade to keep stock levels low. A pronounced chameleon effect, coupled with clear attachment aligners, ensures not only a seamless blend of natural shades but also precise alignment.

The universal T shade of Tetric EvoCeram Aligner fullfill these
requirement due to its high translucency of 15%.

Durable and abrasion resistant: 

Utilizing durable and abrasion resistant restorative materials to craft attachments for clear aligner therapy establishes a lasting solution throughout the entire treatment process.

These qualities ensure that the attachments can withstand the forces exterted during tooth movement and resist wear and tear over time.

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