ProArt Print Splint
Transparent material for splints and drilling templates

ProArt Print Splint

ProArt Print Splint is a transparent, light-cured resin for stereolithography 3D printing. The material is suitable for the production of occlusal splints and drilling templates. It can also be used to create try-in bases for fixed and removable prosthetics.

Transparent and strong
The objects manufactured from ProArt Splint are characterized by a high degree of transparency. This is particularly relevant for splints: they are virtually invisible when worn. When used in drilling templates, the material affords a better overview.
ProArt Print Splint offers high strength, without being brittle, and has therefore a low risk of fracture.

Versatile range of indications
ProArt Print Splint can be printed into a variety of different objects: Splints, drilling templates and functional try-in bases can all be printed from this material to assist in dental treatments. Several objects can be printed simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of the production process.

Part of the PrograPrint system
ProArt Print Splint has been especially developed for dental applications. The material is suitable for use with the Ivoclar Digital PrograPrint system. It is part of the ProArt family of products, which includes a variety of auxiliary materials for the conventional and the digital workflow.

All steps of the printing procedure, including cleaning (PrograPrint Clean) and post-curing (PrograPrint Cure) are optimally coordinated with each other. This increases the reliability and reproducibility of the production process.


  • Therapeutic splints for the correction of TMJ problems and problems of the occlusal plane
  • Occlusal splints
  • Drilling templates
  • Functional try-in bases for fixed and removable prosthetics
Taking a look at the Data

In a recent study that tested the flexural strength of the ProArt Splint Material against other material out on the market, the proof is in the data:

Chart 1: The flexural modulus is a measure of a material’s stiffness/ability to bend. At body temperature, the flexural modulus of ProArt Print Splint decreases, which means that the material becomes less stiff and more flexible. This characteristic makes the insertion and removal of the splints easier and ensures that they adapt well to the teeth


Chart 2: Fracture toughness is composed of Kmax and work of fracture. Among the materials compared, ProArt Print Splint is the only one that more or less complies with the requirements of ISO20795-2 for orthodontic and denture base materials with regard to fracture toughness. The work of fracture of ProArt Print Splint is more than 270% higher than that of the second-best material. Therefore, the material offers users the reassurance that even if a crack develops, a fracture will only occur in rare cases. Due to the material’s excellent fracture toughness, the splints provide higher resistance to damage by bruxing, chewing or dropping. 


In combination, the two properties mentioned ensure that ProArt Print Splint features enhanced flexibility and provides protection against damage by bruxing, chewing, dropping and crack propagation. 

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