Fluor Protector S
Protective varnish with fluoride

Fluor Protector S

The protective fluoride varnish provides superior protection against dental caries and erosion.

The innovative varnish system of Fluor Protector S featuring a homogeneously dissolved fluoride source ensures immediate availability of the fluoride. The entire dose of fluoride contained in Fluor Protector S is available in a very short time. As a result, dental enamel is directly and effectively supplied with fluoride. The low viscosity of the varnish is responsible for its optimum flow and wetting properties.


  • Treatment of hypersensitive cervicals
  • Improvement of enamel resistance against acid
  • Long-term caries prophylaxis
  • Treatment of possible sensitivity after tooth whitening


  • 7700 ppm fluoride in a homogeneous solution; approx. four-times higher concentration after setting
  • Mild flavour, mild smell
  • Multi-dose and single-dose units

Benefits for the practice team

  • Immediately ready for use, instant fluoride availability
  • Controlled, dosed topical fluoride application
  • Recommended for children and sensitive patients
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