The Perfect Fit – esthetic and efficient, thanks to press technology
We help you choose the right workflow for your needs.

Press technology is a simple production process that works. The system components are perfectly adapted to one another to enable highly precise restorations [1]. You too can benefit from productivity and low investment costs. What's more, you can achieve cost-effective and efficient production, creating multiple restorations in just one press cycle. With the IPS e.max Press Calculator, you can easily calculate the production costs of the required restoration in just a few clicks.

Please follow the individual steps in the tabs below and enter your selected parameters for the respective step as well as the material used. Default values are provided that reflect realistic situations.

Impressive press technology

The original press technology [2] can be integrated into any workflow and fits any budget, without the need for compromise. Whether you are a dentist or a dental technician, you can trust our press technology. The workflow combines reliable materials [3] such as the IPS e.max Press and future-ready equipment such as the Programat press furnace.

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[2] Schweiger et al., Europäisches Patent 0827941 B1, 1997, Europäisches Patentamt.

[3] Edelhoff D. et al., Clinical performance of occlusal onlays made of lithium disilicate ceramic in patients with severe tooth wear up to 11 years, Dental Materials, 2019, 35, p. 1319-1330.