IPS e.max Ceram

La céramique de stratification IPS e.max Ceram procure des résultats esthétiques au plus proche du naturel

IPS e.max Ceram is suitable for efficient standard layering as well as for demanding high-end layering with lifelike play of light. The classic Dentin and Incisal materials are ideally coordinated with more opaque all-ceramic framework structures and thus are ideally suitable for the veneering of more opaque substructures. Brightness and chroma are balanced. Therefore, an optimum shade match with the A-D shade guide is achieved.

Versatile materials
The Dentin and Incisal materials are available in A-D and Bleach shades. If a higher degree of brightness is desired, IPS e.max Ceram Power Dentin and Power Incisal materials are available in A-D and Bleach shades. Expressive and versatile characterizations can also be realized with the universal staining system IPS Ivocolor and the Essence materials, shape pastes and glaze from IPS e.max Ceram.

  • Veneering of substructures made of IPS e.max lithium disilicate and zirconium oxide
  • Production of layered veneers