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Bluephase PowerCure with intelligent curing assistant
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Experience the difference that Polyvision® can make.

The innovative Bluephase® PowerCure is the first intelligent Bluephase LED curing light that actively supports you in your light-curing tasks.

The patented Polyvision technology is your personal light-curing assistant. The curing light automatically detects movement of the handpiece during the light-curing procedure. It alerts the user of the incorrect application by vibrating and automatically extends the exposure time by 10 per cent.



Experience the benefits of the patented Polyvision technology first-hand!

Make sure you get the most out of your trial phase. We are happy to introduce you to our Polyvision Technology and the world of carefree light-curing. Simply book a consultation appointment with us. After the consultation, you will be able to test the Bluephase PowerCure yourself and get a taste of it. This offer is valid from 01 September 2021 until 30 April 2022 or as long as stocks last.
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Increased safety for everyone

Bluephase PowerCure comes with active anti-glare protection to prevent the light from being activated in open space. This offers you and your patients increased safety during the treatment.

Reduced sources of error

Bluephase PowerCure actively supports you in your light-curing tasks: If the handpiece unintentionally drifts away from the restoration during the light-curing procedure, the device will vibrate shortly.  It then automatically extends the exposure time by 10 per cent. This ensures a reliable cure and high quality of your restorations.

Carefree curing

If movement may prevent the material from curing properly, the light will automatically interrupt the exposure cycle. In addition, it will vibrate three times and emit an acoustic signal to alert the operator. This allows you to repeat the exposure cycle and ensure a reliable cure.


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