Efficient contouring of composites


Anti-stick is more worry-free, and the effect is visible

The OptraSculpt and OptraSculpt Pad are sculpting tools for large-area sculpting in direct restoration treatments that are simple, efficient, and hassle-free.

Innovative solution for routine oral treatment that is easy to grasp and use

easy to use

  • Non-Stick Devices: Reduced Adhesion of Composites to Devices
  • Compatibility: Accessories for both instruments
  • The working angle is adjusted according to the anterior and posterior teeth area

Professional Aesthetics

  • Repair surface without traces left by instruments
  • Reduces air bubbles caused by delamination of composite resin materials during application
  • uniform surface morphology

high efficiency

  • Specially shaped attachments for efficient and easy contouring
  • Less effort for finishing and polishing

Efficient Aesthetics

OptraSculpt is part of the "Direct Repair" product category. Products in this category cover the process of direct repair from preparation to post-operative care. These products are optimally coordinated with each other, resulting in an efficient aesthetic.

OptraSculpt Pad Foam Pad

  • Foam pad attachments do not stick to instruments and leave no marks when reshaping
  • Two foam pad sizes are suitable for efficient repair of large areas of Class III and Class IV cavities in anterior veneers, respectively.
  • Reference scale on the instrument handle for recording axisymmetric and anterior tooth width
  • The best working angle of anterior teeth

OptraSculpt New Generation

  • Three working head shapes for professionally shaping complex anatomical tooth structures: ball, pointed, chisel
  • The best working angle in the posterior area
  • Easy access to the work head
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