Tetric® N-Line

The solution for all cavities[1]
Composites for anterior and posterior restaurations

The Tetric N-Line of products consists of four coordinated composite resins for your direct restorative needs. Tetric N-Ceram is a mouldable universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations and Tetric N-Flow is its flowable counterpart. Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill is a sculptable 4-mm composite for posterior restorations and Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill is its flowable counterpart.

  • Pronouced Chameleon effect that ensures a natural shade blend
  • True-to-nature esthetics for posterior restorations 
  • Ivocerin[2,3] and the Aessencio technology allow you to achieve true-to-nature esthetic appearance 
  • More than 160 million fillings placed[4]
  • Optimally coordinated with each other
  • Efficient processing and application 
  • Very good handling properties to suit every situation
  • The solution for all cavities[1]
  • Reduced treatment time by up to 51% in the posterior region[5] when used with complementary products from Ivoclar
  • Reliable depth of cure in short and consistent exposure times
Efficient Esthetics

Tetric N-Line contains 4 composites which form a part of the "Direct Restoratives" product category. The products of this category cover the procedure involved in the direct restoration of teeth – from preparation to restoration care. The products are optimally coordinated with each other and enable successful processing and application.

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[1] Cavity Classes I-V according to G.V. Black
[2] Ganster B et al., New photocleavable structures, 4. Acylgermane-based photoinitiator for visible light-curing, Macromolecular Rapid Commun. 2008, 29, 57-62.
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[4] Based on worldwide sales figures for the Tetric N product line
[5] Only suitable for Class I & II restorations in posterior teeth light-cured from the occlusal aspect.