Professional teeth whitening
Find the right VivaStyle product
Clinically tested for naturally white teeth

The preference of patients for natural-looking, white teeth creates new business opportunitites. We offer effective, professional teeth whitening products that can be used both in the dental practice and at home.

Your benefits with VivaStyle

Effective teeth whitening
  • Clinically proven, effective whitening
Gentle whitening
  • Effective and gentle at the same time
Custom solutions
  • Available as a gel and as a varnish
  • For vital and devitalized teeth
Precise application
  • Precise application and dosage

  • Smooth consistency for optimum coverage

Mild taste
  • Pleasant, mild taste

In the practice and at home
  • Easy and convenient use in the dental practice and at home

Find the right VivaStyle product

VivaStyle Whitening Gel 16 %
Effective and gentle
  • Gel with 16 per cent carbamide peroxide (16 per cent carbamide peroxide equate to 5.8 per cent hydrogen peroxide) 
  • Easy and comfortable at-home application with a custom tray after instructions from the dental team
  • Precise dosage and application from a calibrated, resealable syringe with a fine tip
  • Optimum coverage thanks to smooth viscosity
  • Only minimum sensitivity is likely after whitening
  • Almost no effect on the hardness of the enamel
VivaStyle Paint On Plus
Paint on a bright new smile
  • Unique varnish without having to use a tray
  • Contains 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide and the provitamin D-Panthenol for gentle whitening
  • Precise brush application,  ideal for individual or crowded teeth 
  • No trays or other accessories required
  • Only 10 minutes reaction time per application
  • Very effective – varnish does not dissolve in saliva
Your workflow with VivaStyle Paint On Plus