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State-of-the-art products with streamlined efficiency to boost your performance.

OptraGate is a soft, flexible, and latex-free lip and cheek retractor, providing fast and better access to the oral cavity.

Adhese Universal is a one-step, universal adhesive that can be used on both direct and indirect restorations and for all etching protocols[1].

Tetric composites are designed to provide high-quality and long-lasting restorations for better results for your patients and that allow an efficient treatment procedure.

OptraSculpt is designed to create natural-looking anatomy and contours in the restoration, providing a seamless and natural-looking result.

Bluephase PowerCure offers short light exposure times starting from 3 seconds. With its smart technology, the device alerts you to any improper use, resulting in a better and more reliable curing process.

OptraGloss is a dental polishing system designed for efficient and effective polishing of composite resin and ceramics.

Fluor Protector S is a fluoride varnish that is used to protect teeth against cavities and decay[2-5]. The varnish is designed to provide a long-lasting protective coating on the tooth surface, helping to prevent the demineralization of enamel and the formation of cavities[2-6].

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