ProArt CAD Splint
Clear PMMA disc for occlusal splints and drilling templates

ProArt CAD Splint

The process-supporting ProArt CAD discs serve to transform conventional working steps in the laboratory into entirely digital processes. The dimensionally stable polymer and wax discs are easy to mill. As CAD/CAM auxiliary materials, they cover a wide range of indications.

ProArt CAD Splint
are discs made from a clear PMMA material. They are used to produce occlusal splints, e.g. for the treatment of bruxism. Drilling templates for implants can also be produced from the discs.

The benefits of ProArt CAD materials:

Precise preparation
The more precise the preparation, the better the result. As a CAD/CAM auxiliary material, ProArt CAD provides support during the different working steps that are necessary to achieve highly esthetic restorations.

A wide range of indications
The ProArt CAD polymer materials cover a wide range of applications. The advantage: The discs also remain dimensionally stable during complex processing, so that the object dimensions remain exactly the same.

Quick and clean
Due to simple material processing, you will receive precise results within a short space of time. And your CAM unit also benefits from good millability, because the even chip formation reduces the contamination of the machine.


  • Therapeutic restorations for the correction of TMJ problems and adjustments of the occlusal plane
  • Occlusal splints
  • Drilling templates
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