3D Printing

Reliable precision for digital craftsmanship

The PrograPrint system is a validated 3D printing workflow which has been specially developed to fulfil the demands of modern dental laboratories. It is based on Ivoclar’s extensive dental expertise.

1. Scan

Simply scan and design
PrograScan PS5 and PS3
Our lab scanners PrograScan PS5 and PS3 have it all – precision, reliability and ease of handling. 
• Optimally integrated into Ivoclar’s digital workflows 
• All technologies, software programs and materials are coordinated with each other
• High process reliability enables you to enjoy time savings and reliable results
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2. Design

Optimized preparation for 3D printing performance and high accuracy
exocad Dental CAD und
3Shape Dental System
exocad Dental CAD and 3Shape Dental System are high performance, efficient and easy-to-use CAD software solutions providing you with advanced design features.
• Perfect integration into the Ivoclar workflow

3. Prepare

Import. Prepare. Support. Finalize.
PrograPrint CAM software
The PrograPrint CAM-Software offers intuitive handling and allows you to prepare the 3D printing process quickly and efficiently. 
• Seamlessly integrated into the workflow of the PrograPrint system
• Fully coordinated with the PrograPrint PR5 3D printer and the ProArt Print materials as well as approved third-party materials
• Independently developed software by Ivoclar which ensures that the different software components are configured properly
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4. Select

The high-quality materials
ProArt Print Materials
ProArt Print Materials include a series of process-supporting 3D printing materials that are fully coordinated with the PrograPrint 3D printing system. Additionally, you can choose from a selection of third-party materials. 
• Specially developed for dental applications
• A wide variety of applications is covered
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5. Print

The high-precision 3D printer
PrograPrint PR5
PrograPrint PR5 has been specially developed on the basis of long-standing dental expertise to meet the 3D printing demands of dental laboratories.
• Its high-precision Light Engine is at the core of our 3D printing workflow 
• Our top priority in the machine’s development was to ensure high quality and reliability as well as absolute accuracy and intuitive operation
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6. Post-process

The efficient cleaning unit and the universal light-curing unit
PrograPrint Clean and PrograPrint Cure
PrograPrint Clean and PrograPrint Cure are efficient cleaning and post-curing units for the final steps in the workflow. They are optimally aligned with the 3D printing system. 
• Printed objects are cleaned and post-cured while on the PrograPrint Stage build platform for easy handling 
• Two cleaning containers for efficient rough and fine cleaning 
• Spacious curing chamber with customizable programs; also suitable for laboratory composites as well as approved third-party materials
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